Friday, August 17, 2012

All Things Pastel

Today I ate a gigantic slice of the sweetest, most monstrous cake ever known to mankind: it had a chocolate three milk cake base, a cheesecake layer, blueberry cheesecake filling, a vanilla three milk cake layer, another cheesecake layer and some vanilla butter cream frosting. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS (ノ๑゚ヮ゚๑)ノ ♡ ♡ ♡ And yes, life is good again, that is the power of cake! ...and cheesecake, and chocolate, and ice cream... basically, anything sugar, for that matter...

Most unfortunatedly, one cannot, or at least should not, eat large amounts of sugar anytime they feel anything less than on top of the world, unless you want to get trapped into a not-so-sweet-anymore hell of diabetes and overweight.

So I figured I should channel my everlasting love for sweets into a much less harmful let out, and so, I remembered something as sweet as a thousand vanilla with strawberry filling cakes, as
beautifully charming as the most beautiful pastry your eyes have ever seen, and as cute as a chubby cherub gleefully laughing during spring days: Of course I'm talking about Missoni's Fall 2011RTW Collection! OBVIOUSLY! c:

The collection is a vision in pastel colors sprinkled in magical fairy dust and sweet dreams
(人´∀`*); everything about it is really pretty and dreamy, looking at it, you have nothing but cheerful and sweet thoughts; there's magic everywhere! Every outfit looks as if it came straight out from a beautiful, nostalgic dream, filled with sugary memories from a simply gleeful childhood. Aside from the dulcet pastel tones chosen, every texture, every shape reminisces the kind of clothes modern fairy-tale princesses would wear on a daily basis.

As usual with Missoni, the textures are very important: you will see knitted pieces, embroidered, even patched details showing drawings of flowers and smiling girls.. every detail just exudes a delightful positivity! Each outfit is different from the other while maintaining Missoni's unique aesthetic.

Above, strawberry with a sugar coating and a pinch of orange zest.
And that lavender python print overcoat: charmingly extravagant! You can truly see each piece was made by loving fairies while happily singing along to KPP's: CANDY CANDY... They must've sung the entire album, I bet!

Now, mint with a soft touch of lavender essence.
Again those extravagant, yet sober-looking python overcoats in all the colors of the rainbow that will make all your dreams come true (or at least, it should say so in the tag ; A ; )

And the grand finale, pastel citrics to make a beautiful contrast against the warm flavors above.
Every knitted sweater, just another reason to start a hugging-fest! ...and never let go ; A ;
...See? Only positive thoughts come to mind when seeing/talking about this collection!

Raise your hand if you, like me, thought of Harajuku fashion when they saw this collection? Well, a slightly demured form of the Harajuku style, that is. All you will say after seeing the collection will be: 美しい! 非常にかわいい!! While smiling and giggling endlessly until you go to bed (^ω^).

Brilliance resides in the details, and this is no exception: to keep things interesting, and to keep everybody from getting sick from the sugar overload, the chosen make up has nothing sweet about it: dark tones and a very pale porcelain skin; the final effect is a match made in Candy-Candy-Soft-Harajuku Heaven!

And with this, I bid adieu for now! Have a lovely day, everybody!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

GRADulations for your hard work, Sir!

Title's pretty self explanatory, yes?
So now, if you please, may the congratulating begin! t(´A `t )

Now, I think this should be a time of deep thinking and self evaluating; figuring who I am and where I'm heading out, finding a job, becoming a productive member of society... becoming an adult.
. . .
Eeehh... the more I think of it... can I just go back to Uni, please?
...but then again...
Oh, how I loathed Uni..! With all my heart, I did!

Perhaps, a good thing to do now would be evaluating my time spent and knowledge gained, after all, I didn't spend these past five years just hating Uni and everything/everyone that had anything to do with it! ...And even that isn't completely true, since I made some real friends, who I deeply care for, and, ~confession time~ I actually did learn some useful things, whether I like to acknowledge that or not. Among the useful things I did learn, street smarts immediately comes to my mind: you see, I used to be one of the most naïve, gullible people you would ever meet, with a common sense level of 0 (yes, Ze-ro). BUT! Of course I wasn't a completely useless excuse of a human being, at least I was book smart (or at least I like to think so.. But don't ask my classmates, because they might differ (* ̄m ̄) . . .)

Anyway, and since this post doesn't actually have a reason to be, (and before this turns into an existentialist-worried letter to myself) I'll just end this here and tomorrow will be a new post.

Over and out!

Ooh, and a biiiiiiig e-kiss and a hug because I did miss each and every single one of you, dearest readers, even if we have only spoken a handful number of times; thank you for still reading and putting up with me, even after my seemingly endless ever-so-annoyingly-repetitive Uni complaining posts (I know those were disgusstingly repetitive and boring, I KNOW
(/> n <\)); I trully appreciate every one of you and I can't wait to hear and get back in touch with you! I hope everything's been wonderful on your sides of the screen.
∩( ・ω・)∩ *Hug, hug, hug* ☆彡

Exhibit No.1: Wearing the Robes of Triumph and Wisdom...! FINALLY!!!

In case you are wondering, I graduated from Uni with a degree in Purikura and Weird Japanese Drawings Appreciation.
Except I really like to brag, so I'll tell you: I AM NOW AN ENGINEER! WOO HOO HOOOOOOO!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I hope you've been good this year

…otherwise, Krampus will come and give you a good beating for being such a naughty child!

Hahaha, Merry Christmas, everybody! I hope you get to spend this day with your family and beloved ones!
Much love!!!
(ノ◕ ω ◕)ノ♥♥♥

So, guess who was the most bitter of the bitter Grinches this year

( oಠ nಠ)ノ

Only because I got zero gifts this year, didn't eat any of the giant chocolate cake nor other fattening, greasy food there was while everybody else was happily stuffing themselves with delicious candy and turkey.

Screw the whole 'this is about spending precious time with your beloved ones' and whatnot! I'm here just for the presents, money and food ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Now allow me to remain sitting in my corner angrily staring at you while you finish eating your cake.

...Thinking about it, I think I would have even prefered getting the good beating from Krampus..!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Not that anybody cares

...and just so you know that I'm not dead!
I'm alive! Well, if you could say so; I've been devoting ALL of my time to University, homework, some University projects, finals and my Thesis. I have no life anymore, no time to hang out with friends, no time to read, no time to draw... Hell, not even time to imagine! (Not that the inspiration is here anymore, anyway... ).
All I ever want to do these days is crawl into bed and hide, I don't want to talk to anybody, nor even think anymore.
Damn, it's now 4am and I'm still awake working on some stupid project I don't really care about to begin with. I'm upset and moody and will growl at anybody who dares aproaching me right now.

...Can't I just cry to sleep and wake up some day when my life is not this upsetting anymore and I love everything about it?
I hate everything and everyone and blaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh

Can you see how much of a cry-baby/angsty teen I have become in these past months...?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Most unfortunately,

As you may have already guessed, it was my birthday (on the 23rd), and I still can't believe how I still have not actually done anything with my life. All I have ever done is study. For 22 years, study hard. To please others.
All I want to do is to paint and to write and to create.
Now, as every day passes by, I can't help but feel as such a worthless uncertainty.

I don't know anymore.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trying to write Thesis Protocol

; n ;

Sunday, September 4, 2011


What a beautiful day it is! Today, 65 years ago, one of the most strickingly flamboyant gifts to music and art was born: You know I'm talking about The King himself: FREDDIE -Youweretooawesomeforthisworld- MERCURY, the master mind behind the astounding marvelousity best known as QUEEN (*Cheers from the crowd in agreement: HAIL MERCURY!!!!!!!!*).

Words fall short trying to describe your incomparable talent, there aren't enough compliments to effectively praise your music and persona: Such a talented artist and a playful performer, always charismatic.. always giving his everything during concerts, exposing his soul to the world in every single one of his songs; you gave us some of the most beautiful, powerful anthems ever known to mankind: all of your songs hold such strong emotions and passion to them, there is always a special meaning to them; even to this day, you keep inspiring not only musicians, but people of all kinds around the world. You were the mentor and the ultimate goal to many artists from all over the world.
You certainly were a true inspiration: no matter what, listening to the astonishing tones of your voice always makes things better.

You were, you are, and you will remain the biggest, the better, the dearest. For you and your music were one of the best parts of my childhood, my adolescence and life; you have always been one of my most dearest sources of inspiration: you taught me it was okay being myself, being creative, being an individual and to always stay true to who I am. I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way, Freddie, your music touched many hearts...

You are most dearly, greatly, constantly missed, Sir!
And because of this, we want to wish you a very

My little tribute to you: The beautiful Crest you designed for QUEEN...
Ink on 48x35 cardboard paper

Now, if you'll excuse me, I will now proceed to spend the rest of my day listening to QUEEN's complete discography and watching their live concerts... Hell, maybe I'll even listen to father's: A Night At The Opera LP, only because it's such a special ocassion ; u ;

Also! Don't forget to check QUEEN's official youtube channel: they're streaming QUEEN's 1986 legendary concert. A definite must-see!
...And, did you see today's Google logo? FREAKING AWESOME!! Of course, The King didn't deserve any less..!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Imagination & Inspiration

As an artist in the making, to me, it's always important to find a source of inspiration, may it be in the form of beautiful imagery, astounding musical pieces... even a fresh breeze of wind blowing by night, looking at that one lonely star shining in the midnight sky, reading an absorbing book... maybe just laying down in the grass while looking at the twilight sky... anything... anything that makes you feel burningly passionate about life... the right stimulus at the right moment, mixed with your own feelings at some given point can make a beautiful difference.

Lately, a large part of my inspiration has come from religious imagery, thinking of heavily ornamented beings, intricate jewelry, pieces of classical music, everything golden and depicting a sense of holiness, and the work of the great masters of painting.
Almost as much as I enjoy creating, I highly enjoy assembling the right inspirational atmosphere for myself, according to the aesthetical results I want to achieve with a certain painting idea: Herr Mozart's music is mandatory whenever I feel like painting elegantly embellished beings covered in intricate pieces of jewelry and light... Inspiration comes effortlessly to me while listening to classical music, I can't help but getting a feeling of magnificence and opulence... I trully enjoy listening to classical! ; u ;

Now, for this particular painting (barely just a concept sketch by now), my inspiration came from the elegance and sensuality of japanese geishas, rococó, french architecture and art nouveau; I must say, I have highly enjoyed designing my own pieces of jewelry, even if most of the times I have no clue on what I'm doing..! ~ n ~

Still, up to this point, I must admit I'm pretty content with my design... but I still have to design a decent kanzashi to finish the headpieces. WISH ME LUCK. *Click for bigger image if you please!*

Take care and until next post! Have a lovely day c:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

1st Giveaway Winners pt1: ☆☆☆~ Joe's Blog ~☆☆☆

**Click on the image for full size**

\(^▽^*) Now, will the beautiful Joeanna please come and claim her prizeeeeeeeeeeeee (*^▽^)/
(Remember that my giveaway prizes were going to be cartoon portraits of the winners)

SO! My very first Giveaway Winner of all times: Miss Joeanna Portia from
"Joe's Blog"! *Click, click*
You should check her blog out too, because it's quite interesting! She's a talented artist, I really like her illustrations, specially the ones portraying musicians and film stars; she's got quite a unique, colorful style, and her use of shapes and color is really cheerful! That's what I like the most about her illustrations.
I also like her vlogs, she's really charming and sooo pretty! :3

I'm really, really ashamed, I know it took forever, but I really had a lot of things going on with Uni and work... and then my computer died on me... and then months passed before I could get ahold of a new computer... and then Uni and work again and... I'M SORRY. I hope you can forgive me Õ n Õ

Now, having said that, it also took me quite some time to finish it: first looking for a cute picture of Joe to draw (stalking habilities have surely paid off!), then trying to portray that and translate into a drawing, then digitally painting, doing the background, the dress print, the details... It was surely some hard work! But I really tried my best and I think it looks nice. OF COURSE it had to be worth the wait! Hehehe …Well, at least I hope it is! ; u ;

So, as you may remember, I made this giveaway as a way of thanking all of you, dearest readers for following this 'ere blog; this really means the world to me. Thank you very much, with all my heart, Thank you!

...Now, back to work, since I still owe 2 more illustrations to:
*** Miss Caroline from Ergy Erg ***
*** Miss Jemina from JeminaJakin ***

Until next time it is! Have a lovely day c:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cage in a Cave

"Fletcher Christian, he found him a cave
It was sort of a privacy place, When he'd go there nobody could find him

Fletcher Christian, he found him a cave, and he'd go there to be alone

He'd paint a picture, he'd comb his hair
Anything to relieve his depression

Fletcher Christian, he'd go to his cave when he needed to be alone
-"Cage in a Cave" lyrics by Rasputina

Indeed, just like Mr. Christian, I have been a true hermit myself for these past months.
The dark grass my bed, the freshly dug cave my house.
Birds and spiders my friends.
The distinct panther's cry my night companion.
Flowers and twigs now scruffily embroider my hair.
Awaken by the sun. Going to bed at dusk.
I spend my time embellishing the cave's walls; painting some new friends onto it.
Life has certainly been delightful. I couldn't possibly ask for more.

Still, it was only so long before I felt like reinserting myself back into society. Therefore, I came back to my family house and my relatives. I can't say they weren't thunderstruck when they saw me knocking on their door. I reckon the dried flowers, twigs and spiderwebs tangled in my then mane-like hair didn't make the best of impressions.
Perhaps, it was my 'Hello, Mother and Father' growl they didn't quite understand... ( ´ A `U)

Either way, here I am again. Hair washed and face wiped. No dried flowers to be seen.
I feel almost human again!
...Good thing I still remember how to use the silverware...!
...and the computer, as you may have already noticed!
(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ☆

So, how have you been, dearest followers? Any exciting summer stories you'd like to share with me?
Tell me!
I promise I still am 100% civilized & won't bite/growl at you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I swear I have not been wasting time

I can't really think of something worth saying, so, I suppose the saying 'A picture is worth a thousand words' may be the most accurate one to describe my current situation.
As you can see, this is some work in progress, I'm not even done sketching and I still have many things to figure out about this particular painting. This, I'm thinking will be a watercolor painting (most likely, will end up becoming a mixture of various techniques; most probably watercolors, oil paint and prismacolors), but we'll see what happens!

So, Take care, Dearest Followers and see you very soon!
I guess I was only just checking in so that you know I'm still alive ~ u ~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Are Men Of Honor (pt. 1)

...And like such, we always keep our word. On my honor, I shall never break my word to draw people as I see fit (...even if it takes a few weeks for me to completely fulfill my word...!) Ó A Ò

...That being said, and before you start thinking of me as a crack-brained sire...! What I meant by these lines was to simply clarify: I always fulfill my word! That is, I STILL have in mind I owe some people artwork (I only ask you to be patient, for University and work have proven to be a lethal combination) but I am working on keeping up with the drawings I have to get done before I expire from this 'ere world!

Yes? So, according to the above statement, here is one of the many portraits I had promised to do:

Let me introduce you to Miss M.:

She is the mind behind the Creature of the Night tumblr (which is filled with beautiful gore imagery (I warn you in advance, in case you dislike gore)); a blog I enjoy visiting, even though I have no tumblr account...! She shows a lot of charisma, as well as some very interesting ideas... now, add the fact that she is incredibly gorgeous, and you've got the recipe for success! Or, in this case, Gorgeousity * w *)/

Now, let's get technical, shall we?

Technique: Hand drawing and black ink using Uniball micro Deluxe in 0.5. Everything was hand-colored using Prismacolor Professional colors. The snakes, as well as the flowers, were digitally added using Photoshop.

I really liked drawing Miss M. although, I must say it was a challenge trying to portray her delicate features accurately, she has some unique features, so it was quite difficult trying to draw her while maintaining her essence. Also, I had never drawn facial piercings before! So it worried me on how things would turn out in the end ; A ; On a brighter note, I really, and I mean REALLY liked drawing her lips! It was interesting trying to portray the femininity and delicacy to her lips on my drawing, but I think I made a nice job in the end c:

So, this was Miss M....Pretty, right? Okay, until next time (or drawing)! Cheers!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Breaking News: Trouble in Paradise

At the risk of sounding like a shallow devotchka for using the title above to discuss a fashion related subject, instead of one of the more important current world issues, let me apologize in advance; but the very important news tormenting yours truly today: Herr John Galliano. More specifically, his sad departure from Dior. More sadly, it wasn't precisely a "departure" , but more of a "YOU ARE FIRED" situation.

The man in question, Herr John Galliano, dearest

I am sure you have already heard about the whole Galliano's Anti-Semitic Scandal? If you have not, the story goes like this:

-Herr Galliano is accused of making some shameful anti-semitic comments at La Perle bar in Paris, as well as verbally abusing a couple nearby.

-Dior decides to suspend Herr Galliano from his responsibilities with the company. Dior chief executive Sidney Toledano says: "Dior affirms with the utmost conviction its policy of zero tolerance towards any anti-semitic or racist words or behaviour". This is when I thought: DAMN, you better not have said that, my most admired Galliano...!

-Sadly, and most terribly, it's Official; he DID said it! And you can read all about it right here. OR anywhere you w
ant, because it's already EVERYWHERE. There's even an infamous video featuring a drunk Galliano ranting against jews. And so, it's done, Herr John Galliano is fired from Christian Dior. Now, as much as I adore Herr Galliano's work, I must admit Dior handled things the very best way, they immediately took charge and made the (wether I want to accept/admit it or not) right decision since that was a trully shameful behavior from Herr Galliano ( ; n ; ).


This was a very unfortunate incident; I'm still quite astonished by some of the things said, I mean, it never would have occured to me that Herr Galliano would even have those kinds of views, specially when he had always seemed to be very open about acceptance of diversity, as well as a respectful, tolerant person. And, while I may not agree with many of the ideas of judaism, nor even manage to understand their points of view, I still respect them, because someone having a different mentality or ideas from what I think is right, does not give me, nor any of us the right to degrade nor hate upon others. Sigh.

Even so, I still deeply admire Herr Galliano as the artist he is. As much as I can't support his rude opinions, I still hope this experience will become more of a chance to change for him, to make up for his mistakes, learn something important from all of this and become a better person. Hopefully, he will manage to rebirth from his ashes and take over the Haute Couture world once again. WELL, if comes to "hoping" and "desiring" I must say, I still helplessly HOPE that all of this was a big, gigantic missunderstanding, and the person in that video is not Herr Galliano, but his unknown evil twin or something...! \(´Д`*\ ) ...... After all, one can dare to dream, right??? Hmmmmmmmmmm.......
*Hopeless sigh*

At least I know I will always admire his gorgeous past work and his influence on the fashion world. I mean, the man was an absolute genious! Despite of his shameful behaviour, one can't just deny that fact; I mean, you can't just "throw his talent under a rug" or something. I remember he was the main reason I even became interested in fashion; I had always perceived fashion as a shallow, empty industry, but it was Herr Galliano's work what trully intrigued me and made me realize how mistaken I was: fashion is a form of art. It allows ideas to become embodied into gorgeous garments; you can express yourself through fashion. Every single garment becomes a master piece, the culmination of an artist's hardwork. Herr Galliano's work showed me that. That is why I will forever deeply admire him as an artist, as well as his beautiful artwork. But enough talk (I think you, dearest of readers may already be thinking the same) and allow me to show you what the fuzz is all about, yes? I think it will be better to remember him by his artwork, rather than by these regretable events.

^Christian Dior Fall 2009Couture^
You can absolutely feel Herr Galliano's passion and fervor for his beautiful artwork

^Christian Dior Spring 2010 Couture^

^Christian Dior Spring 2011 Couture^
A breath-taking collection. One masterpiece after the other

^Christian Dior Fall 2010 RTW^
Even the so-called RTW Collections were dashingly stunning! Such a thoughtful collection: graceful and beautifully structured; the fitting is really flattering, each silhouette: a beautiful one of a kind.

^John Galliano Fall 2009 RTW^
This is my most favorite collection. Everything about it is absolutely gorgeous and perfect. All of the models look like precious deities. Without any exaggerations, I can say this collection is absolute perfection; all gorgeousness and gorgeousity taken a corporeal form
; u ;

Thank you, Galliano, sir, for all of the beautiful works of art you showed to the world, I hope you manage to get back in track again soon, learn from this unfortunate and become a better person... until next time! Peet all!

All pictures are from

Thursday, January 13, 2011

TOO WEIRD TO LIVE.................

.............................TOO RARE TO DIE

So, guess who is still alive! Meaning, death was not the reason keeping me from updating Dobby Bloggy...?
I'M -FINALLY- BACK after almost 5+ months of neglecting my poor, beloved Blog!

(Caused by me not being able to get a hold of a computer, since my old one sadly, and most unfortunately fell into a comma, resulting in me helplessly neglecting this 'ere blog)
But, once again, I'm here, checking in with you, dearest Followers...!
...I mean, you didn't really think you would get rid of me so easily, hmmm?

Besides, it was one of my New Year's resolutions to actually become a... well, Responsible person in EVERY aspect of life, and somewhere in my mind, for better or the worse, that involves Bloggy, too! So here I am, battery, and mind fully charged with new things to tell you, my estimated readers! I still have many stories to tell, thoughts to share, things to show you...! My mind feels like a topsy-turvy vortex filled with many ideas all of them eager to be made known to the world.

Also, I can't wait to hear from all of you once again! Get to read your posts, and know how this new year has been treating all of you, I want to know how things are going on Your sides of the screen, and stalk... Ehem! I mean, visit your blogs. YES?

I guess this is "HELLO AGAIN, WORLD!"
It's good to be back (yet again) c: So, that's it for now, and until next time, yes?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Arts Club Band

...Art is all you need.

Technique: 48x35 canvas. I drew all of it. Using Paper Mate's Medium Marker (0.5mm) in black. Everything is hand-colored; using Prismacolor Professional colors. Also, I added the photoshop background today, so the cube would stand out a bit more c:

Groovy dooby-dooh...!
I bet that by this point, you might all be aware of the fact that I'm such a big fan of The Beatles, hmm? Well, it shouldn't be that hard to guess, really. I find their music to be both magical and romantic, full of wisdom even; and there are always beautiful stories within each song. The Beatles always manage to inspire me, no matter what. Their beautiful music is like a dream come true. So many beautiful images come to my head as I listen to their songs.

And so, I definetely had to make a Beatles Tribute Illustration. This started as an assignement from GD class at college, we were supposed to form a 3D cube with our initials, ink it and we would be done. I chose to add some happy, colorful textures to mine, and I ended up with this 60's LSD stravaganzza (as most of my classmates called it). I started getting really inspired while drawing this, and, surprise, surprise, listening to The Beatles, as well!
I'm very happy with the final result. Ó u Ò

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Les filmes noir ~

What comes to your head when you think of "Film noir"? Dark silhouettes? High contrasting images? Private detectives? Violence and crimes? How about Les Femme Fatales?

I have always loved how Films Noir have a delicious sense of decadence and sin, the atmosphere around the characters is always obscure and opressive. It's beautiful. It is misterious and quite appealing. Films noir always portray a violent and corrupt society; depressive and fatal; yet intriguing and appealing. It's almost a bitter, yet correct satire of how society was back then; and, sometimes I feel these could most certainly apply to our society now a days.

Film noir characters are specially misterious, most of them show hints of a dark past and a rather gloomy psychology. I find these kinds of intriguing characters to be quite poetic and romantic; they are doomed within their own stories. It's so tragic, yet beautiful. I love how most of the times, there's a delicate sense of sin and redemption; the character's ode through an opressive life and events, and how they manage to move on, crawl on, most of the times; and still, they make their own decisions… whether good or bad. Just like in real life. That is the appeal.

And so, as I was looking through Givenchy's Collections, I came across their magnificent Spring 2010 Couture Collection... needless to say, Films noir immediately came to my mind! This collection's overall aesthetic was so beautiful and obscure. It shows a more sober kind of beauty. There was something intriguing about most of the looks; an undying scent about them. Something beautifully magnifique and slightly mystical. Red wine and Parisian nights immediately came to my head. This is beautiful! This is elegance incarnated!

The collection shows beautifully strong women... misterious and confident with themselves; perhaps the perfect Femme Fatale! I loved the contrast of delicate porcelain skin against silky dark hair and bloody red lips. Still, there is somethng androginous about these looks. These women look strong, yet fragile. This is so beautiful and unique! It's a more gothic kind of romance.

Pictures from

Sunday, September 5, 2010

寿司カワイイ ☆~

\()/ Did I ever tell you I'm such a -proud- sushi freak?
Sushi is all I can think of, sushi is all I breathe, sushi is my true love, SUSHI IS MY LIFEEEEE!!
*Insert creepy, drooling pervy face in here*

Haha, ok, no. Maybe not quite like that. I don't want to sound as if I'm part of a secret sushi cult that makes blood sacrifices as a part of their rituals or something like that (not saying I wouldn't, my beloved deliciousness, Sushi, Sir! Ò n Ó). BUT! I still really, really love sushi; it's one of my very favorite meals always and no matter what.
I have yet to decline an offer made by anybody to go and have some sushi. Because I am THAT strong-willed, hmm? ; n ;
I mean, it doesn't matter if it's raining like crazy outside and I might have to cross over a wild river to get to Sukiyaki; it doesn't matter if the weather is hot as Beelzebub's kingdom and butterflies catch on fire as they fly. Nope, nothing can get in the way between sushi and me .

I still remember the very first time I tried sushi. . . . I HATED IT!!! (´Д`;) It tasted so mushy and fishy and weird! Haha, I guess it was too exotic and extravagant for my inexperienced taste! I remember swearing I would never eat sushi... EVER AGAIN as long as I lived... Oh, the irony! Now that I think of it, I'm really glad my cousin made me try it "one last time" since that "one last time" turned out being the very first day of a wonderful, delicious relationship between sushi and me c:

Ok, some of you may be wondering, "But what, exactly is sushi?"
Sushi: is a japanese dish made of cooked vinegarded rice, most commonly topped with fish or some other seafood. There are different types of sushi; such as sashimi (fresh raw seafood sliced into really thin pieces and served with a dipping sauce); makizushi (this one is the most common; it consists of rice and seafood rolled inside dried sheets of nori. In other words: Pure deliciousness of love!); Inarizushi (a pouch of fried tofu filled with rice), etc. As you can see, there are many different kinds of sushi for many different tastes out there. Sushi has many different flavors, textures, colors... many different things to make eating such a delightful experience!

So, next time you want to try something exotic and new, give delicious sushi a try, you've got nothing to loose (unless you're allergic to seafood :c)! You won't be dissapointed! Ó u Ò Always try new things and enjoy to the fullest.
And... who knows! Maybe you and I could start up a Delicious Sushi Cult afterwards (but that will have to remain Top Secret, hmm?)
\( x )/

Seriously now, could anybody resist all of this cuteness? ; u ;
At least I know I could never...!

Now, I could not be able to eat these cuteys right here...!
...that's the problem with utterly cute food ; A ;

Tuesday, August 31, 2010



... I'm sorry, the stupid inside me took over for a sec. College has been hectic...! All of my classes are in the afternoon, and I might be getting a full-time morning job next week; I know I should be happy, but still... :c

...On a happier note! I remembered I never actually published the winners to my first GA, hmm?
So the winners (randomly chosen, of course, since if having the time, I would gladly draw each and everyone of you, dear followers, as a way to show my grattitude ; u ; But since that life drainer (a.k.a College) wouldn't allow me to, I had to narrow the number down to 3 lucky winners) are:

*** Miss Caroline from Ergy Erg ***
*** Miss Jemina from JeminaJakin ***
*** Miss Joeanne from Joe's Blog ***

Congratulations to the winners! I'm already working on your portraits and will send them to you as soon as possible!
Also, thank you very much to all of my followers! Thank you for all your support; I really love writting for you!
Peet, all! Ó u Ò ♥♥♥

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

La Ciudad de Los Palacios ~

I'm talking about Mexico's capital, Mexico City.

Founded by the warlike Aztecs in 1325, and before known as "Tenochtitlan". The Aztecs migrated there after the fall of the Toltec Empire, and managed to establish by the Texcoco Lake. According to an Aztec legend, they were led to that very place by their God, Huitzilopochtli, who indicated their new home with a sign: an eagle perched on a nopal cactus, and a snake in its beak (the very symbol of Mexico's flag). The Aztecs dominated and conquered nearby cities, expanding their own territory and becoming the strongest among the whole country.

Then the Spanish came and took over the whole mexican territory after many terrible fights and blood shedding; managing to reign supreme up until 1810, the year when the Mexican Independence started, called by the Priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. Many fights and blood shedding over Mexico's destiny were held; concluding in Mexico's Independence from Spain and becoming a free country. And now, 685 years from Mexico City's foundation, Yours trully finally made a trip abroad c:

I think I went there sometime around March; although, just for a few hours, since arrival time was at 5 am and had to leave by 7pm; I still had a lovely time.
In the van on the highway... such a cheerful van, hmm? ; w ;
I was accompanied by floating sweets and rainbows the whole time!

Angel de la Independencia
I felt as if The Angel was posing for the picture! The cheerful blue sky as a background against that beautiful ray of light shining and glowing reflected in the Angel's glowing golden skin

I was quite eager to see the Angel de la Independencia; one of the greatest and most special symbols of the Mexican country. Even though, I was only able to see it from inside a moving van on the way to the "Museo Nacional de Antropologia e Historia", it was a gorgeous vision to look at! The Angel shines beautifully in the mexican sky... and I still managed to take a beautiful picture of it, so no regrets Ó u Ò

Once we got to the Museum, I was impressed by how gigantic it was! And, right as we arrived, there was an ENORMOUS mexican flag waving hello! There were many tourists just like us at the Museum... it was pretty crowded inside! We entered the Aztec Culture exhibition. It was trully amazing! The pieces shown were great and really interesting to look at. They were full of color and interesting shapes.

These were part of an enormous wall full with several sculptures. They were eassily over 13 foot tall.

I couldn't stop noticing how most of the sculptures had some sort of war theme to them, or had some kind of relation to sacrifices and blood. Most of the sculptures were made to honour their many Gods, they represented several rituals, or special events from the aztec life... and even some of them were made out of human bones and teeth!

Now, I say this with all respect, and if the Aztecs were still alive, they might even kill me and rip my heart out for this, but... there were some REALLY cute sculptures in the exhibition! Like the Jaguar from the picture above! It melted my heart when I saw this one... it just looked like a gigantic, fat, ancient kitty; so I had to take a picture of it! ; w ;
Aren't these the cutest assassinating tools you've ever seen before?
...even though I recall reading these little cuties were made out of a child's teeth...
I still feel bad for thinking how cute these are ; A ;

Of course I couldn't leave the museum without taking a picture of the "Calendario del Sol" first!
It's trully impressive to look at! ...and Oh, so big! The size of a wall O w O

They had this beautiful sort of aquatic garden in the middle of the Museum's buildings. It reminded me a lot of Egypt!

Last picture before we left the Museum c:

Although it was crazy hot and crowded, I still had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the mexican culture!
Farewell, Mexico!