Monday, May 31, 2010

Trully Heaven on Earth

This time, Elie Saab's Spring 2010 Couture Collection was the one to take my breath away. I know, this collection was first showed earlier this year, but I happened to come across it just a little while ago, and so...! Here we go! Prepare your eyes for a total Delicacy Party!

For this collection, Herr Saab decided to go for the pale, romantic flower-girl look; (something I highly appreciated) and gave us gorgeous flowy gowns made of fabric that seem to be formed out of the most beautiful, pure spring flowers ; w ;
Now, what I liked the most is the fact that he didn't choose the easy way out and give us, simply, the usual pastels, such as the softest pink, light-blue and green. No! Herr Saab went a dobby step further and chose to go for some rich mauves, celadons and pleasing shades of beige so light the overall look is really natural and delicate. I love how he also went for a trully soft make up pallete, leaving the look even more feminine and eye pleasing.

Ok, sure, some people may say these are all a bit tacky and prom-like (a filthy rich kid's prom, please) and whatnot, but please! I'm sure we all agree there's nothing wrong with some flowy soft romantic gowns every once in a while, yes? Please? I think you should all know how much I praise these kinds of girlie flower looks no matter what ; n ; so...

Also, extra points for the beautiful cristal-looking scenario chosen for this particular collection. It made the dresses trully glow with magic... and the runway looked like a pure river from a dreamy fairy tale!

Oh! Also, another plus! Did any of you get the same "Alphonse Mucha vibe" from this collection? No? Sweet pastel gowns against a soft pale skin and shiny, curly hair? Gracefully flowing dresses exuding a delicious spring-summer scent? Godess-looking girls? Anyone?! (I'm being dead serious right now, so, please, agree with me on this one * ^ *)
Well, at least I still think any of these gowns would make a BEAUTIFUL editorial picture, and an even more GORGEOUS painting anytime!

Agree? Good! I can leave in peace now, for my work here is done!
Take care, everybody! Have a lovely day!
Peet, all!

Runway images came from
Beautiful painting is Alphonse Mucha's "Dance"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Enjoy your day!

Wake up with a smile on your face!
Look at the beautiful sun shinning in the sky...! those puffy clouds...!

...Until some idiot ruins it...
...and, in this case kills you...

Ps. I love Friedrich, but he's a little jerk sometimes, like you may have already noticed from the above picture ; n ;

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The rabbit in the moon

There's an ancient Mayan legend about the rabbit shape we can see in the moon by night. The moon's craters shadows form, according to the pre-colombines, a rabbit moving, jumping. The legend says:

"Quetzalcóatl, The kind God, went travelling around the world, in the shape of a man. He had been walking all day long, and, by the afternoon, he felt tired and hungry. But he kept on walking, until the stars started shining and the moon came out in the midnight sky. He then sat in the side of the road, and as he laid in there, resting, he saw a little rabbit, who was having some dinner.

-What are you doing? -Quetzalcóatl asked.
-I'm having some grass. Do you want some? -The rabbit replied.

-Thank you very much, but I don't eat grass.
-What are you going to do, then?
-I will starve to death.

The little rabbit came up to Quetzalcóatl and said:
-Look, I may not be nothing but a little rabbit, but, if you're that hungry, eat me, here I am.

The God then caressed the rabbit and said:

-You may not be nothing but a little rabbit, but, forever will the whole world remember you.
He then picked the rabbit up high, so high, up to the moon, where its shape was left printed in there. Quetzalcóatl put the rabbit down, to Earth and said:
-There is your portrait made out of light, for all men, forever. "

I made this drawing for a Graphics class project. We were supposed to make a theme drawing, and so, I chose the Rabbit in the Moon mayan legend.
This took a few hours to finish.

Technique: I drew all of it. Using Paper Mate pen in black. Everything is hand-colored; using Prismacolor Professional colors. The paper was brown painted with vanilla scent, so it looked old. It smells delicious, too!
Oh, yes, character concept came from an ancient japanese drawing.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

✌ {´◕ ◡ ◕`} ✌ Woopy-doo!

I know you might think I'm over reacting, but it never came to my mind that anybody would ever dare clicking that so -called button! Never in my wildest dreams...!

I feel very proud and honored of being a part of your "Blogs I follow" list. Even if there are one thousand other blogs in there, I feel like a champion for being a part of it. So... THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I SALUTE YOU ; w ;
You don't have a clue on happy I get whenever I get new candy! ... mean, comments! It's like Christmas day to me! Thank you very much to everyone who has taken their time to post a comment, too!

Also, bloggy has also hit and the 500 views mark, again, thank you very much, internet people, for taking your time to visit me. I love having this dobby bloggy, I put my biggest efforts into it, and so, I really hope I at least get to entertain you a bit, and that you get to find somewhat interesting posts... or at least, some pretty images.

All I wanted to say was 'Thank you very much for your time'.
I hope to see you soon! Take care and have a nice day.

This very important ocassion was calling for a puricute edit, to show my gratitude and overall excitement ; w ;

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pink overdose 2011

Soooooo... Really cute, feminine outfits, simple, clean shapes, fresh looks, tons of pink lipstick and big hair... Yes! I'm talking about Dior's last show this past Saturday in Shanghai!

This was a really cute ready-to-wear collection, keeping the clothes simple and fresh. There were several little details on each outfit, such as cute little bows, flowers, and lace. Most of the outfits had a really sweet scent to them, like if they were meant to be used at a delicious tea party in a forest.
The mini dresses were really appealling, most of them embellished with frills and laces, something I absolutely adore and always look for in a dress. The color pallette was kept soft and delicate, going from the cutest, most pastel pink, to the softest, cloudy-like light blue... absolutely stunning! Most of the dresses made me think of cotton candy and sladky tea parties.

BUT! For some reason, some of the outfits kept giving me this 'Barbie's Closet' vibe over and over again. Perhaps, it was the neon colors Herr John Galliano decided to use, combining them with the whitest white bottoms and accessories... perhaps, it was the Malibu Beach Babe feeling some of the outfits had... perhaps, it was the big retro Barbie hair... perhaps it was the mix of all those elements together! Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps! I mean, yes, there certainly was a french flavor to the collection, but I just couldn't get over the obvious Barbie look. ...and those enormous neon bags...!

I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie Wooooorld!

Still, it was a dobby collection, all thanks to Mr. John Galliano. Although, I would've liked seen more daring outfits, Thank you, sir, and until next time! Peet all!

All pictures are from

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Woop! Woop!

I am currently feeling strangely, tremendously uberly filled with joy today!
Strange bezoomny thing, considering my previous emotional breakdown and following depressive stage lasting the past 4 days or so... without a shoulder to boohoohoo on... ; n ;

But now...! There's this warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart! Life is once again, beautiful! Filled with softly colored sugar rays, beautiful sparkly eyes and dobby candy-cotton clouds! ...and rum! ...The Rum! Well, more like imaginary musical rum flowing through my veins with glee! But still! I feel like walking on a rainbow or something! Tee-hee!

I seriously can't stop giggling and dancing like a drunken sailor! I'm even dancing to sailor-esque songs right now; making funny faces, jumping and making a lot of noise with my boots as I kick them together!

I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all get to have a sweet day today filled with giggles and hugs c:
Until next post, take care!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you want to know who is terribly beautiful?

Even if your answer was "No, I do not wish to know that as of right now" I will still give you the answer to that really important question: First name: Beautiful. Second name: Tilda. Yes, I'm talking about Beautiful Tilda Swinton! Yes, 'Beautiful' is , in fact, her first name.

Now, this is where all of you should nod your heads 'yes' in agreement!

Good! Now that we're all in the same page, here are some facts:
Miss Swinton was born in London, November the 5th, 1960; meaning she's 49 years old. Could any of you believe that? That's almost half a century! I bet most of us would practically kill to look like that when we turn that age! Or, at least I know I would. Perhaps, I will change my name to Báthory Erzsébet then, but that's a different story.

So, enough nonsense, and back with Beautiful Tilda!
Apart from her beautiful face, she's a well respected actress: has won several important awards, such as an Oscar, for her role in Michael Clayton, a BAFTA, for the already mentioned movie and a Copa Volpi a la Mejor Actriz, for Eduard II. Quite a talented artist, she is. I highly enjoy the choices she has made all over her actress life. I also admire the way she successfully has moved between the deep-field-art-performances towards quality Hollywood blockbusters. She tends to choose strong, interesting characters; most of the times with an androgynous look and behaviour to them.

And, talking about androgyny...! Wasn't that the very first word that came to your mind the second you saw Beautiful Tilda's picture? In my head, that was the case. Tilda is simply visually striking. Yes, she doesn't have the 'typical' kind of beauty, but, sometimes, it is better to have an interesting, unique look, rather than just a standard kind of beauty, hmhmm?

First of all, look at her cheekbones! They are really high and well-defined. Her green piercing eyes are to die for... and that jawline...! so feminine and delicate! all in all, and in words of the Ugliest Step Sister, herself, Tilda's face would be best described with the following, accurate quote: "Her face looks as if it was carved by the very angels".

Look at that face! Look at those cheekbones!
Such a delicate, romantic looking face that will forever make my soul rotten in bitter jealousy ; n ;

Since I'm quite sure most of you will have to agree with me up to this point, I will now leave you with a small Gallery with pictures from Tilda's photoshoot for AnOther Magazine SS09 6.
Photographer: Craig McDean

When will she stop looking like a perfect sculpture?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

He is here to heal you

Do you know Doctor Plague?

Doctor Plague, you say? Ooh! Black Death! Yes, yes, I know Doctor Plague.

Hmhm? Well, I have always been interested in history. And, one of the most interesting characters from European history is, at least to me, the Doctor Plague. Aside from the obvious visual attractive and misterious background, I had always been fond of Doctor Plague because of the many stories I read as a kid on the Black Death subject.

Then, from that point on, as I first saw the Doctor Plague's mask, I immediately fell in love with them.

From Wikipedia:

The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe between 1348 and 1350. It spread throughout the Mediterranean and Europe.From there, probably carried by fleas residing on the black rats from merchant ships.

The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30% to 60% of Europe's population, reducing the world's population from an estimated 450 million to between 350 and 375 million in 1400. It took 150 years for Europe's population to recover. The plague returned at various times, resulting in a larger number of deaths, until it left Europe in the 19th century.

During the period of the Black Death and the Great Plague of London, plague doctors visited victims of the plague to verify whether they have been afflicted or not. They were mostly unqualified. Most qualified doctors had left the city to avoid being afflicted. Their outfit consisted of a hat to show that the man was a doctor, mask to protect the face, crystal "eyes" to "protect" the eyes, the beak stuffed with spices or herbs to "purify" the air that the doctor breathed (this was back when they thought the Plague was transmitted by contaminated air), wooden stick to push away victims who would get too close to him, leather gloves to protect the hands, gown waxed from the exterior, and full length boots.

It was believed at the time that the plague was spread through the air, not through the fleas living on the black rat. Therefore, they stuffed herbs and spices in their "beaks" or carried them somewhere. The waxed clothing may have helped prevent fleas latching on, and the clothing also prevented droplet infection. It has been questioned how much this costume was actually worn; the greater part of doctors fled the cities in the early stages of the plague.

Doctor Plague drawing made by me.
Character design by Graham Corcoran.

Technique: I drew all of it. Using uni-ball mic. Doctor Plague was black painted using Bic Permanent Marker. Details were added using Conté à Paris' Pastel Pencils.