Thursday, August 4, 2011

1st Giveaway Winners pt1: ☆☆☆~ Joe's Blog ~☆☆☆

**Click on the image for full size**

\(^▽^*) Now, will the beautiful Joeanna please come and claim her prizeeeeeeeeeeeee (*^▽^)/
(Remember that my giveaway prizes were going to be cartoon portraits of the winners)

SO! My very first Giveaway Winner of all times: Miss Joeanna Portia from
"Joe's Blog"! *Click, click*
You should check her blog out too, because it's quite interesting! She's a talented artist, I really like her illustrations, specially the ones portraying musicians and film stars; she's got quite a unique, colorful style, and her use of shapes and color is really cheerful! That's what I like the most about her illustrations.
I also like her vlogs, she's really charming and sooo pretty! :3

I'm really, really ashamed, I know it took forever, but I really had a lot of things going on with Uni and work... and then my computer died on me... and then months passed before I could get ahold of a new computer... and then Uni and work again and... I'M SORRY. I hope you can forgive me Õ n Õ

Now, having said that, it also took me quite some time to finish it: first looking for a cute picture of Joe to draw (stalking habilities have surely paid off!), then trying to portray that and translate into a drawing, then digitally painting, doing the background, the dress print, the details... It was surely some hard work! But I really tried my best and I think it looks nice. OF COURSE it had to be worth the wait! Hehehe …Well, at least I hope it is! ; u ;

So, as you may remember, I made this giveaway as a way of thanking all of you, dearest readers for following this 'ere blog; this really means the world to me. Thank you very much, with all my heart, Thank you!

...Now, back to work, since I still owe 2 more illustrations to:
*** Miss Caroline from Ergy Erg ***
*** Miss Jemina from JeminaJakin ***

Until next time it is! Have a lovely day c:


J U D I T said...

Thanks for your comment :D I'm writing in English because your blog's written in English, but where are you from?? 'Cause if your mother language isn't Spanish, you speak it soooo well!!

This illustration is really nice, the girl looks so cute :D


Shared closet said...

Hablas español verdad?? ;)
Gracias por pasarte por el blog y dejar ese comentario tan dulce!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feliz verano preciosa!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! :)

Raquel said...

Gracias por tu comentario!
Hablas español, verdad?

Abi said...

Congrats Joeanna! Lovely prize.

miss.(A) said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I love your art style it's very versatile :) Your sketch reminded me a bit of a work I did a while ago: