Friday, August 17, 2012

All Things Pastel

Today I ate a gigantic slice of the sweetest, most monstrous cake ever known to mankind: it had a chocolate three milk cake base, a cheesecake layer, blueberry cheesecake filling, a vanilla three milk cake layer, another cheesecake layer and some vanilla butter cream frosting. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS (ノ๑゚ヮ゚๑)ノ ♡ ♡ ♡ And yes, life is good again, that is the power of cake! ...and cheesecake, and chocolate, and ice cream... basically, anything sugar, for that matter...

Most unfortunatedly, one cannot, or at least should not, eat large amounts of sugar anytime they feel anything less than on top of the world, unless you want to get trapped into a not-so-sweet-anymore hell of diabetes and overweight.

So I figured I should channel my everlasting love for sweets into a much less harmful let out, and so, I remembered something as sweet as a thousand vanilla with strawberry filling cakes, as
beautifully charming as the most beautiful pastry your eyes have ever seen, and as cute as a chubby cherub gleefully laughing during spring days: Of course I'm talking about Missoni's Fall 2011RTW Collection! OBVIOUSLY! c:

The collection is a vision in pastel colors sprinkled in magical fairy dust and sweet dreams
(人´∀`*); everything about it is really pretty and dreamy, looking at it, you have nothing but cheerful and sweet thoughts; there's magic everywhere! Every outfit looks as if it came straight out from a beautiful, nostalgic dream, filled with sugary memories from a simply gleeful childhood. Aside from the dulcet pastel tones chosen, every texture, every shape reminisces the kind of clothes modern fairy-tale princesses would wear on a daily basis.

As usual with Missoni, the textures are very important: you will see knitted pieces, embroidered, even patched details showing drawings of flowers and smiling girls.. every detail just exudes a delightful positivity! Each outfit is different from the other while maintaining Missoni's unique aesthetic.

Above, strawberry with a sugar coating and a pinch of orange zest.
And that lavender python print overcoat: charmingly extravagant! You can truly see each piece was made by loving fairies while happily singing along to KPP's: CANDY CANDY... They must've sung the entire album, I bet!

Now, mint with a soft touch of lavender essence.
Again those extravagant, yet sober-looking python overcoats in all the colors of the rainbow that will make all your dreams come true (or at least, it should say so in the tag ; A ; )

And the grand finale, pastel citrics to make a beautiful contrast against the warm flavors above.
Every knitted sweater, just another reason to start a hugging-fest! ...and never let go ; A ;
...See? Only positive thoughts come to mind when seeing/talking about this collection!

Raise your hand if you, like me, thought of Harajuku fashion when they saw this collection? Well, a slightly demured form of the Harajuku style, that is. All you will say after seeing the collection will be: 美しい! 非常にかわいい!! While smiling and giggling endlessly until you go to bed (^ω^).

Brilliance resides in the details, and this is no exception: to keep things interesting, and to keep everybody from getting sick from the sugar overload, the chosen make up has nothing sweet about it: dark tones and a very pale porcelain skin; the final effect is a match made in Candy-Candy-Soft-Harajuku Heaven!

And with this, I bid adieu for now! Have a lovely day, everybody!

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JJ Beazley said...

There are six in the top picture, and only five in the others. Did one get eaten?

Orphin Lasz said...

Ehehehe you got me, Mr. Beazley!
All that talk about sugar and candy made me a little hungry, so I took two of them out and dipped them in strawberry cheesecake cream.
I'm guiltyyy ; n ;

Vi-Lan Aram said...

I loved this post! Although the first comment did trigger my sweet tooth, haha. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog (and for the pastel inspiration for my future posts!!) Hope to keep in touch :)


Brooke said...

AH so cool. I love this!

P.S. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I'm your newest follower!


Marie said...

The clothes look so pretty. Pastel coloured clothes are so sweet looking :)

Mariana Glez said...

Hola linda!!
Muchas gracias por tu comentario,me da animo para aprovechar todo lo que se presente.
Felicitaciones que ya te graduaste,te doy el mismo consejo,haz lo que guste y te apasione.
Genial las fotografías...
<3 Un abrazo.

Irene Àvila said...

Gracias por pasarte por mi blog! Te añado a mi lista de favoritos!

Love, Irenestylelife!

Fabienne said...

oh thank you very very much :)


Creepy Smile said...

Mmmmmm... Ese pastel del que hablas en el primer párrafo tiene una buena pinta increíble. Yo NO puedo comer de ésas cosas tan buenas por culpa de mi "colon irritable", que no tolera bollería, pasteles y demás cosas ricas y con chocolate, jajaja. XD

Me han gustado mucho las fotos que has puesto y la forma en qué has descrito los diseños. :) Muy imaginativo.

Gracias por todo lo que dices de mi flequillo. La verdad es que a una, después de la llorera que me metí al volver de la peluquería, le sube el ánimo saber que no queda tan mal como pensaba, jejeje.

BeSiToS!!! ^^
Y 1000 gracias x pasarte.

cavernicola antropofaga said...

Senioritaaa :) que tal!! Wow, claro que me acuerdo de ti, tal vez tu no.. despues que he dejado mi blog super duper abandonato U_U me acabo de mudar a otra ciudad y no he tenido mucho tiempo de andar por aca.. pero me da gusto ver que tu sigues posteando cosas tan cool =(^0^)= yay!
anyway, I'm back baby!

PD. yep! los atuendos tan brillantes y relajados me recuerdan a Harajuku! hohoh~

Besos y abrazos desde Paris n.n

Chris said...

great post and pretty blog! :) I follow you now!
xoxo Chris ♥

Pao said...

Oh my! Im craving that cakeeeeeee!


rooth said...

You are so right - that collection is exactly like candy. I like how you explained the makeup behind the look as well.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the well wishes!

Afaf et Marwa. said...

We love it ;)

Btw, there's a new post on our blog, come check it out and let us know what you think ;)

Afaf & Marwa

Jen Umm said...

great inspiration!
love the pictures!
thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

Fashion-Bridge said...

Beautiful post my dear! And even though I'm a bit tired of pastel hues after this season I'm looking forward to channelling oversized coats in dusty pink or baby blue. You've noticed it absolutely right - texture plays such a great role. I think pastel leather or wool should look fantastic!

Great post hun



FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

great post.

outfit/feel so close♥blog
bookface page

Pop Champagne said...

love the details in prints on these pictures, and yeahh the demured harajuku looks awesome!

Iván said...

Una colección y campaña fantástica !!!
preciosa selección .


Amy K said...

Great Blog! Would you like to follow each other?

Much Love,

Tanya said...