Thursday, January 13, 2011

TOO WEIRD TO LIVE.................

.............................TOO RARE TO DIE

So, guess who is still alive! Meaning, death was not the reason keeping me from updating Dobby Bloggy...?
I'M -FINALLY- BACK after almost 5+ months of neglecting my poor, beloved Blog!

(Caused by me not being able to get a hold of a computer, since my old one sadly, and most unfortunately fell into a comma, resulting in me helplessly neglecting this 'ere blog)
But, once again, I'm here, checking in with you, dearest Followers...!
...I mean, you didn't really think you would get rid of me so easily, hmmm?

Besides, it was one of my New Year's resolutions to actually become a... well, Responsible person in EVERY aspect of life, and somewhere in my mind, for better or the worse, that involves Bloggy, too! So here I am, battery, and mind fully charged with new things to tell you, my estimated readers! I still have many stories to tell, thoughts to share, things to show you...! My mind feels like a topsy-turvy vortex filled with many ideas all of them eager to be made known to the world.

Also, I can't wait to hear from all of you once again! Get to read your posts, and know how this new year has been treating all of you, I want to know how things are going on Your sides of the screen, and stalk... Ehem! I mean, visit your blogs. YES?

I guess this is "HELLO AGAIN, WORLD!"
It's good to be back (yet again) c: So, that's it for now, and until next time, yes?