Friday, October 1, 2010

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Arts Club Band

...Art is all you need.

Technique: 48x35 canvas. I drew all of it. Using Paper Mate's Medium Marker (0.5mm) in black. Everything is hand-colored; using Prismacolor Professional colors. Also, I added the photoshop background today, so the cube would stand out a bit more c:

Groovy dooby-dooh...!
I bet that by this point, you might all be aware of the fact that I'm such a big fan of The Beatles, hmm? Well, it shouldn't be that hard to guess, really. I find their music to be both magical and romantic, full of wisdom even; and there are always beautiful stories within each song. The Beatles always manage to inspire me, no matter what. Their beautiful music is like a dream come true. So many beautiful images come to my head as I listen to their songs.

And so, I definetely had to make a Beatles Tribute Illustration. This started as an assignement from GD class at college, we were supposed to form a 3D cube with our initials, ink it and we would be done. I chose to add some happy, colorful textures to mine, and I ended up with this 60's LSD stravaganzza (as most of my classmates called it). I started getting really inspired while drawing this, and, surprise, surprise, listening to The Beatles, as well!
I'm very happy with the final result. Ó u Ò