Saturday, September 18, 2010

Les filmes noir ~

What comes to your head when you think of "Film noir"? Dark silhouettes? High contrasting images? Private detectives? Violence and crimes? How about Les Femme Fatales?

I have always loved how Films Noir have a delicious sense of decadence and sin, the atmosphere around the characters is always obscure and opressive. It's beautiful. It is misterious and quite appealing. Films noir always portray a violent and corrupt society; depressive and fatal; yet intriguing and appealing. It's almost a bitter, yet correct satire of how society was back then; and, sometimes I feel these could most certainly apply to our society now a days.

Film noir characters are specially misterious, most of them show hints of a dark past and a rather gloomy psychology. I find these kinds of intriguing characters to be quite poetic and romantic; they are doomed within their own stories. It's so tragic, yet beautiful. I love how most of the times, there's a delicate sense of sin and redemption; the character's ode through an opressive life and events, and how they manage to move on, crawl on, most of the times; and still, they make their own decisions… whether good or bad. Just like in real life. That is the appeal.

And so, as I was looking through Givenchy's Collections, I came across their magnificent Spring 2010 Couture Collection... needless to say, Films noir immediately came to my mind! This collection's overall aesthetic was so beautiful and obscure. It shows a more sober kind of beauty. There was something intriguing about most of the looks; an undying scent about them. Something beautifully magnifique and slightly mystical. Red wine and Parisian nights immediately came to my head. This is beautiful! This is elegance incarnated!

The collection shows beautifully strong women... misterious and confident with themselves; perhaps the perfect Femme Fatale! I loved the contrast of delicate porcelain skin against silky dark hair and bloody red lips. Still, there is somethng androginous about these looks. These women look strong, yet fragile. This is so beautiful and unique! It's a more gothic kind of romance.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

寿司カワイイ ☆~

\()/ Did I ever tell you I'm such a -proud- sushi freak?
Sushi is all I can think of, sushi is all I breathe, sushi is my true love, SUSHI IS MY LIFEEEEE!!
*Insert creepy, drooling pervy face in here*

Haha, ok, no. Maybe not quite like that. I don't want to sound as if I'm part of a secret sushi cult that makes blood sacrifices as a part of their rituals or something like that (not saying I wouldn't, my beloved deliciousness, Sushi, Sir! Ò n Ó). BUT! I still really, really love sushi; it's one of my very favorite meals always and no matter what.
I have yet to decline an offer made by anybody to go and have some sushi. Because I am THAT strong-willed, hmm? ; n ;
I mean, it doesn't matter if it's raining like crazy outside and I might have to cross over a wild river to get to Sukiyaki; it doesn't matter if the weather is hot as Beelzebub's kingdom and butterflies catch on fire as they fly. Nope, nothing can get in the way between sushi and me .

I still remember the very first time I tried sushi. . . . I HATED IT!!! (´Д`;) It tasted so mushy and fishy and weird! Haha, I guess it was too exotic and extravagant for my inexperienced taste! I remember swearing I would never eat sushi... EVER AGAIN as long as I lived... Oh, the irony! Now that I think of it, I'm really glad my cousin made me try it "one last time" since that "one last time" turned out being the very first day of a wonderful, delicious relationship between sushi and me c:

Ok, some of you may be wondering, "But what, exactly is sushi?"
Sushi: is a japanese dish made of cooked vinegarded rice, most commonly topped with fish or some other seafood. There are different types of sushi; such as sashimi (fresh raw seafood sliced into really thin pieces and served with a dipping sauce); makizushi (this one is the most common; it consists of rice and seafood rolled inside dried sheets of nori. In other words: Pure deliciousness of love!); Inarizushi (a pouch of fried tofu filled with rice), etc. As you can see, there are many different kinds of sushi for many different tastes out there. Sushi has many different flavors, textures, colors... many different things to make eating such a delightful experience!

So, next time you want to try something exotic and new, give delicious sushi a try, you've got nothing to loose (unless you're allergic to seafood :c)! You won't be dissapointed! Ó u Ò Always try new things and enjoy to the fullest.
And... who knows! Maybe you and I could start up a Delicious Sushi Cult afterwards (but that will have to remain Top Secret, hmm?)
\( x )/

Seriously now, could anybody resist all of this cuteness? ; u ;
At least I know I could never...!

Now, I could not be able to eat these cuteys right here...!
...that's the problem with utterly cute food ; A ;