Monday, July 16, 2012

GRADulations for your hard work, Sir!

Title's pretty self explanatory, yes?
So now, if you please, may the congratulating begin! t(´A `t )

Now, I think this should be a time of deep thinking and self evaluating; figuring who I am and where I'm heading out, finding a job, becoming a productive member of society... becoming an adult.
. . .
Eeehh... the more I think of it... can I just go back to Uni, please?
...but then again...
Oh, how I loathed Uni..! With all my heart, I did!

Perhaps, a good thing to do now would be evaluating my time spent and knowledge gained, after all, I didn't spend these past five years just hating Uni and everything/everyone that had anything to do with it! ...And even that isn't completely true, since I made some real friends, who I deeply care for, and, ~confession time~ I actually did learn some useful things, whether I like to acknowledge that or not. Among the useful things I did learn, street smarts immediately comes to my mind: you see, I used to be one of the most naïve, gullible people you would ever meet, with a common sense level of 0 (yes, Ze-ro). BUT! Of course I wasn't a completely useless excuse of a human being, at least I was book smart (or at least I like to think so.. But don't ask my classmates, because they might differ (* ̄m ̄) . . .)

Anyway, and since this post doesn't actually have a reason to be, (and before this turns into an existentialist-worried letter to myself) I'll just end this here and tomorrow will be a new post.

Over and out!

Ooh, and a biiiiiiig e-kiss and a hug because I did miss each and every single one of you, dearest readers, even if we have only spoken a handful number of times; thank you for still reading and putting up with me, even after my seemingly endless ever-so-annoyingly-repetitive Uni complaining posts (I know those were disgusstingly repetitive and boring, I KNOW
(/> n <\)); I trully appreciate every one of you and I can't wait to hear and get back in touch with you! I hope everything's been wonderful on your sides of the screen.
∩( ・ω・)∩ *Hug, hug, hug* ☆彡

Exhibit No.1: Wearing the Robes of Triumph and Wisdom...! FINALLY!!!

In case you are wondering, I graduated from Uni with a degree in Purikura and Weird Japanese Drawings Appreciation.
Except I really like to brag, so I'll tell you: I AM NOW AN ENGINEER! WOO HOO HOOOOOOO!!