Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lucky Fifties of Love ✌(▰˘◡˘▰)✌

Nobody ever thought the day would come when dobby bloggy would reach its 50+ followers! ...but that sacred day came! Actually, a lot earlier than anybody would ever thought, or predicted!
This means A LOT more than a gigantic strawberry cheesecake (and, Boy, do I love those! more than most things in this vast world, now that I think of it; BUT, certainly not more than my beloved followers from bloggy! ...See just how much you mean to me? )
So, Peet, 53 followers! THANK YOU ; u ;

And so! As a way to show you my grattitude...!
Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to
Orphin Lasz's very first Give Away of All Times!!

So, what does this GA consists of, you may wonder...?
Well, you see, I currently am virtually broken (Boohoo hoo) so I have nothing (say, corporeal) to give you guys... BUT! I do have some drawing skills, and so, I was thinking about giving you, Yes, YOU! Lucky 3 Followers an illustration (made specially by yours trully, of course) to show you guys my grattitude.
I know, this isn't much, but, I will definetely draw these with all my heart (= A=

And now! Let's set some rules, shall we?
You HAVE TO (as, you may have already guessed) be a follower of this blog.
Post a comment to this entry, saying hmm... idk, what you liked about this blog, or what got your attention from it, hmhmm? Some feedback, if you must!
Please, post your comment before August 10th

And that's it! Pretty simple, isn't it?
So, after the 10th, I will go to aaaaand... Yes! That's right! generate 3 random numbers from 1 to the last number of comments this entry gets; resulting in the 3 winners of my very first GA... pretty exciting, isn't it? O u O

Oh, yes! What will the so called Illustration consist of?
Well, I will be doing a cartoon portrait of your display picture; most likely a Yellow Submarine style cartoon, which I will send back to you via pm or by posting it in a new entry, it's your call!

OKAY? So, just post for your chance to win such a Marvelous Prize!
Good Luck!
Peet, all!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forest romancing

In front of Saint Peter's grave.
Go back, go back once more and hide. Crawl back down.
Dig a hole so deep you can fit inside. Og skjul.
Be out in the grass, become a dark mess.
Shall I live in there? Cover it with flowers and leaves. Nobody will see.
Will everybody forget?
If mother ever forgot about me...
...I just hope she won't pour boiling water down the hole.
Dig down once more.
Flowers and water and leaves for your dorogoy home.
Water-love is out in the grass.
A medieval burial.

; u ;

Can you tell I am utterly happy and, in love with life, once and for all?
That is the atmosphere lived in my beloved backyard. Butterflies come and dance with me.
And fishes come for a jog by the trees.
Everything is Perfect.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's slavery!

Yes, I've been working like a dog ; n ;
Boohoo Boohoohoo!
Currently working on several paintings/drawings/whatever, like the one above; as well as some sculptures and daydreaming.
...did I ever mention I'm working on my very first shortfilm EVER? animated shortfilm!
O u O

...but it's slavery, nevertheless... dobby ol' torture... Ó n Ò
Oh, well! At least I think all of these will pay off! ...sometime... I hope... I WISH!

Either way, I will be posting the results as soon as I finish each!
Until then, Peet all!
Have a lovely weekend, mine venner!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Up in the sky, a man in a plane

Forget worthless "Boo-hoo Imma big baby ; n ;" post (nevertheless, I would still like to thank all of you who posted a support comment; I highly appreciate it! ...and you guys made me feel all warm and fuzzy and... THANK YOU VERY MUCH t(; u ; t)... also, please, forgive that post, too! forget it and bury it in the deepest part of oblivion).

And SO! Moving on...! Fashion, once again... more specifically, Military Inspired Fashion, courtesy of Burberry Prorsum's Fall 2010 Collection!

From what I've seen, Burberry's special charm and signature pieces are, mainly their beautifully fitting jackets and sophisticated trench coats. It only takes one second to realize how most of their jackets will fit beautifully and grace most body shapes. The construction is amazingly well-thought, each line is placed right where it should be; there's nothing extra and over the top ruinning the whole outfit and turning it into an overly-thought disaster; nor there is anything missing, giving the sense of lazy, incomplete garments. I would even dare to say, most of their pieces will never turn "uncool" nor "unflattering", no matter how much trends change. No, you can't go wrong with Burberry.

And then, I came across this collection... and fell in love and became dazzled by it! Forever and until the very end of times O u O ♥ Where on Earth would one expect to see military and delicate mixed together in such a glorious way? (Excited post is excited, it seems) Seriously! Herr Bailey, in my opinion, trully, and, most important, beautifully outdid himself for this collection, showing such structural wonders accompanied by the most sober, yet graceful lines; all of which were seasoned with the most simple, sophisticated fabrics resulting in a delicious collection for the "avid for fierce" fashionistas... and mere mortals everywhere! You don't need to have a "Passion for Fashion" to get the military reminiscence the collection was intended to distill. The inspiration for this collection is pretty obvious at times, BUT subtle and it still never feels over the top. The execution is GORGEOUS and it never fails to impress, no matter how many times I look at the different garments.

Am I the only one who keeps hearing the "Snoopy vs The Red Baron" song over and over again just by looking at these clothing marvels? * ^ *
Being a Chic Fashionista Red Baron, of course

Perfect attire for an up in the sky mission, hmm? Would look lovely in a cold weather, as well...
Snowy mountains! Because one never knows where duty will take you to!

Seriously, the only thing missing on this outfit is a -or several- Honor Medals
...Oh! and a whip, too! Because... ermm... that would look quite nice c: