Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cage in a Cave

"Fletcher Christian, he found him a cave
It was sort of a privacy place, When he'd go there nobody could find him

Fletcher Christian, he found him a cave, and he'd go there to be alone

He'd paint a picture, he'd comb his hair
Anything to relieve his depression

Fletcher Christian, he'd go to his cave when he needed to be alone
-"Cage in a Cave" lyrics by Rasputina

Indeed, just like Mr. Christian, I have been a true hermit myself for these past months.
The dark grass my bed, the freshly dug cave my house.
Birds and spiders my friends.
The distinct panther's cry my night companion.
Flowers and twigs now scruffily embroider my hair.
Awaken by the sun. Going to bed at dusk.
I spend my time embellishing the cave's walls; painting some new friends onto it.
Life has certainly been delightful. I couldn't possibly ask for more.

Still, it was only so long before I felt like reinserting myself back into society. Therefore, I came back to my family house and my relatives. I can't say they weren't thunderstruck when they saw me knocking on their door. I reckon the dried flowers, twigs and spiderwebs tangled in my then mane-like hair didn't make the best of impressions.
Perhaps, it was my 'Hello, Mother and Father' growl they didn't quite understand... ( ´ A `U)

Either way, here I am again. Hair washed and face wiped. No dried flowers to be seen.
I feel almost human again!
...Good thing I still remember how to use the silverware...!
...and the computer, as you may have already noticed!
(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ☆

So, how have you been, dearest followers? Any exciting summer stories you'd like to share with me?
Tell me!
I promise I still am 100% civilized & won't bite/growl at you!