Tuesday, June 29, 2010

; n ;

I feel sad :c
All I want to do is just forget about everything and crawl into a hole and cry and sleep countless hours until I forget why I was crying in the first place.
I don't care anymore. Do whatever you want, but don't drag me along with you.
I shall become a hermit now, dig a hole in my backyard and stuck my face inside an old shoe, thank you very much.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who stole the tarts?

Needless to say, I ADORE anything "Alice in Wonderland" related. I'm not talking about Disney's boring version of such a lovely, carefree book, nor Tim Burton's leave-a-blank-space-here-from-the-lack-of-a-proper-complain-adjective version of the before mentioned book. But, instead, I'm talking about the Original Alice in Wonderland, just like Herr Carroll pictured it.

Have I ever read a more carefree tale before? a more beautiful one? a more artistic one? A MORE CREATIVE ONE?

It would be hard to find a better exponent of "Portraying one person's mind into a piece of paper", am I right? Going through this book is like going through Herr Carrol's mind itself. His way with words is gorgeous and trully expressive. All of the charachters managed to become dear parts of my teen years as I encountered each and everyone of them. They all have their really well-defined personalities and oddities. Trying to picture each of these charachters is like a tasty feast for anybody's imagination.

The very tale itself is delicious, it's proportions are unmeasurable! There are even words Herr Carroll himself invented for this very tale! Adjectives were created to describe some It is like a rush of multi-colored-sparkly-fuzzy-trippy-crazy waves to your brain as pages pass by! The book practically reads itself for your ears' pleasure! And so, as one reads the book, beautiful illustrations will come across your eyes. DREADFULLY GORGEOUS illustrations, I must say!

Herr Caroll did a great choice asking Herr John Tenniel to illustrate this magnificent book. Tenniel's illustrations are such a beautiful and intricate artwork, the perfect complemment for such a delightful story, in my opinion. Each of these are made out of small lines creating various shapes and shadows and beautiful charachters along the way ; w ;
Text and images complemment each other perfectly, without one stealing anything from the other.

And so, as my love for this tale grew, and nourished my imagination, it was no surprise that when a mandatory College project provided with an excuse to demonstrate my love for this particular tale, I had to take the challenge as soon as I could, and show the world one of this book's precious illustrations! I chose the book's Chapter XI: "Who Stole the Tarts?" White Rabbit with Trumpet illustration and show my love for Alice in Wonderland once and for all ; u ;

XI. Who Stole The Tarts?
"The King and Queen of Hearts were seated on their throne when they arrived, with a great crowd assembled about them--- all sorts of little birds and beasts, as well as the whole pack of cards: the Knave was standing before them, in chains, with a soldier on each side to guard him; and near the King was the White Rabbit, with a trumpet in one hand, and a scroll of parchment in the other.

"Herald, read the accusation!" said the King.

On this the White Rabbit blew three blasts on the trumpet, an then unrolled the parchment-scroll, and read as follows:---

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts,
All on a summer day:
The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts
And took them quite away!

Technique: 48x35 canvas. I drew all of it. Using Paper Mate's Medium Marker (0.5mm) and uni-ball micro deluxe pen in black for small details.

This took about 4 days of good ol' torture to get done. This was a trully entertaining project at first, with the whole drawing being made out of small lines and intricate details. It ended up being a trully torturing project, with the whole drawing being made out of small lines and intricate details instead ; n ;
But I think it paid off well. It looked as if I had ripped the image from a gigantic Alice in Wonderland book. And so, my mission was succesfully completed!

Oh, yes, character concept by John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland".

Monday, June 21, 2010


Self-explanatory ; u ;

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Alejandro, sir........

You should be proud of yourself, for a cool looking video has recently been filmed in your name. Yes! Lady Gaga has finally released the highly expected video for her newest single, "Alejandro".
Now, anybody who heard the song before watching the video will agree with me on the whole "Spanish novel" flavor the music has. I mean, just listen to her fake sort of latin/spanish accent, the latin/spanish male names... the whole mentioning Mexico thing! I thought this video would be a sort of Latin Lover stravaganzza, full of fancy flamenco-like dance moves, Gaga dressed up as a femme fatale, having many latin lovers and leaving them all, or maybe even killing them (like in some of her previous videos) by the end of the so-called-video. BUT! what did we get? well, we got ermm... This:


Can I say I fell in love with all of this? Forever? ; u ; First of all, the aesthetics and overall art chosen for this particular video were totally unexpected. Seriously, who would've thought "Alejandro" would be turned into a beautiful piece of macabre and obscure? I am totally up for this. The obscure aesthetic and scenarios. The slight s&m esscence the garments distill is beautiful. I trully enjoyed the slight Hellraiser reminiscence the very start of the video gives. The only thing Miss Gaga is missing is one of those intricate torture piercings most of the Cenobites wear as a part of their garments. I think this is, without a doubt, one of her best looks. Ever. Some may agree with me, some may disagree. Some may think I have totally lost my mind. But, I will say, I found her looks to be really sober and breath taking in this particular video. That delicate paper-white skin, white, snowy hair and vampy lipstick, in contrast with that black leather garment gives her such an impecable and impressive look.

Steampunk looks great on her, hmm?

Moving on, moving on. Next image, please!

Hmm, something isn't right with this... let's see... She's a sort of dark nun now... seems to be praying or something... That red nun outfit is pretty neat, actually; that whole image would make an excellent painting, in my opinion. She still looks impecable and gorgeous... WAIT! I remembered! What does ANY of that have to do with the overall video?! I thought she was a sort of steampunk something earlier... what happened, then?
This makes me think she just wanted to create some controversy. Honestly, this has nothing to do within the conext of the video. And that other white garment with the red crosses? More free controversy. Controversy out of NOTHING and just BECAUSE. That is ridiculous, in my opinion. If you want to create controversy, do it for something worth it, something you believe in, some message you want to transmit. Not just because! This has been done before, even. If you want to use a religious theme for your videos, art, or whatever, make sure to do a good job transmitting your message, feelings or thoughts. Don't do it just for free controversy!

The video later shows Miss Gaga doing this sort of dance-slightporn-something with her male dancers in fishnets and high heels. Now, I have nothing with males wearing high heels, or any other sort of "feminine" clothes. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a role reversal. But, once again, that doesn't have much to do with the video. At least, I never though "Alejandro" was about Gaga making out with some gay, s&m nazi guys! Except, oh, yes! I bet parents all over the place must be now talking about your "wild and controversial" new video! Mission accomplished!

Long -worthless- post is long, hmm? I'm sorry, the intention of this post was, at first, just to praise the beautiful and slightly macabre aesthetic she had chosen for the video, and it ended up being more like an opinion on a life or death matter. Maybe next time, I should write about IMPORTANT, trascendental stuff, instead of a shamelessly attention-seeking video done for the sake of... attention!
I'm sorry. I don't normally dedicate long posts to music videos, and I will make sure not to do this very often, either ; n ;

Have a lovely day! Peet!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Sea of Holes

Hello, Jeremy!

Jonh? Paul? George? Ringo...?
Where are you, gu
ys? Where have you gone?

Oh, don't tell me... did you fall into the Sea of Holes? What a mess!

I am a huge fan of The Beatles. I trully admire them for their beautiful songs and the feelings they manage to transmit.
And so, Guess what? I love the "Yellow Submarine" movie, as well!

I still remember when Father bought it and, that very night, we were all gathered together around our big, old TV ready for the show. Could I be any more excited? I was a little kid back then, and so, I was happy to watch this animated movie with the family. Father didn't stop talking about some beetles and their songs all day long before we played the movie. I was interested to see what those "beetles" would look like, and, secretly hoping they would be wearing well... a full beetle attire.

But then, the movie started and I couldn't believe my eyes. The animation was gorgeous, and all of the characters, as well as the scenarios were all trippy and crazy! Father said he still remember the first time he watched that movie, at his college's movie theatre, and how, as soon as the film started, everybody started smoking their weed, and soon, there was a thick smokey enviroment surrounding the theatre, and the movie got well... erm... trully trippy! I didn't know what "weed" was, and so I didn't pay much attention to that comment. Besides, I was focused on the first song already playing: "The Yellow Submarine".
It was as if candy had been melted and rainbows had been bottled up just for this very special ocassion! The rhymes were awesome and funny. Those Blue Meanies were geniouses! There wasn't a single thing that didn't move in there, not even the smallest part of the background stayed in their place for too lo
ng. It was magical!
By that time, I had decided I would become a Blue Meanie when I grew up.... I would be the very first Pink Meanie ever! * ^ *

Perhaps, this movie is one of my biggest sources for inspiration: the art is gorgeous and really interesting. The movie's got a heart by itself. It was a big part of my childhood. And so, when I watched it again, a long time after, I couldn't stop the subsequent inspiration rush and started working right away!
And so, here is one sketch of a painting I will start working on soon, based on that lovely Sea of Holes:

Took a few hours to finish. I, as you can see, was inspired by the particular scene of the Sea of Holes. I was wondering well, what would happen if one fell into various holes at the same time? And so, I came across this. I really like how it looks. I think I managed to give the girl a somewhat surprised look? I hope ; n ;
Either way, I will definetely keep working on this idea, and will, of course, post the results!

Technique: I drew all of it. Using a normal 2H pencil.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Snow White vs ermm... Pocahontas

Marble vs Oak... Vanilla vs Cinammon ...Or simply "Pale vs Tan"! Which ever title you like the most.

Personally, I find pale skin to be really aesthetically pleasing, and something beautiful to look at. It can sometimes even create a vaguely supernatural aura. You may now imagine your favorite supernatural creature! I just LOVE looking at a beautiful pale skin. I find it to be really classy and elegant; something worth looking at. For a long, long time. Even if the owner of that pale skin has already spotted me staring and is starting to think I might be some kind of psycho.
...Also, always a plus, someone with a really pale skin and dark hair. I love the contrast so, very much! It gives people (well, I think you must, by this point know, I'm mainly talking about this whole look on girls) such a gorgeous doll-look. Ever seen those antique porcelain dolls on your grandma's house? Ever noticed how pale they are? Ok, perhaps, some of you might not want to end up looking like a living porcelain doll (shame on you ; n ;)

Either way, here you have some beautiful examples of pale skin; First of all, Miss Dita Von Teese! (tone down the lights a bit and play some burlesque music, please):

Now, doesn't she look dreadfully GORGEOUS or what? Look at that creamy pale skin against that darker-than-the-Devil's-heart hair! Dita is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen before. I trully admire this woman, for she is smart, and a real business woman. But, I must say, the very first thing that caught my attention about her was her practically paper-white skin!

You want another example, hmm? How about Kirsten Dunst? HMMMMM?

Again, the skin...! look at that porcelain skin! It's the perfect canvas for just erm... ANYTHING! Make up stands out more! So as her features! Clothes, etc.
I heard people said she looked ill when she showed up looking tremendously pale for one of the Spiderman movies premiere's... funny thing is, I said to myself " * ^ * Woah! This is the most beautiful I've ever seen her look before! " Oh, the irony!

Since, I'd dare to say, most of you might, by this point, be thinking I'm a creep with a weird fixation for pale skin (No! ... Really?) Let's now talk about the other side of the coin, which is, in this case, Tan skin!

We all have different tastes, and so, there are people who prefer tan skin. Now, I have nothing against tan people/people-who-tan/etc, but I just don't see what's all the excitement about. I don't find tan to be as classy as pale. I mean, yes, tan is, most of the times perceived as sexy, yes, but, from what I've seen, people tend to take it TOO far and for some unknown reason, go practically orange...or even worse, when their skin go all leathery thanks to the excess of tanning products, and they start looking like a new kind of reptile... an orange reptile D:
Now, I love the way sun-kissed looks. Like, when the tanning looks somewhat soft and glowy... all of that with a golden -brownish hair looks just lovely and even a bit romantic. Like if you had been running in the prairies al day long ; w ;

And so, here are the mandatory tan examples; starting with that
model from Victoria's Secret, Alessandra Ambrossio (I'm not a fan, so forgive any mistakes I may have made with her name):

Hmm, what can I say? Nice features, gorgeous cat-eyes, great make up, BUT, in this case, I don't think that fake tan goes well with the classy wardrobe and jewelry. Now, picture this same image with a pale model... looks classy now, eh? Ok, I think I was supposed to present 'beautiful' tan images on here, yes? so, moving on!

Yes! That's what I'm talking about, Miranda Kerr! You got it absolutely right!

Gorgeous girl, beautiful feminine features (still, I think she would look better off PALE hahahaha) and a lovely sun-kissed tan! FINALLY! This picture is great; Miss Kerr is tan, looking all sexy and innocent at the same time. Good job! The prophecy has been fulfilled!

And now, for a curious fact; as I was looking for examples of 'tan skin' and typed those exact words onto Google, it shocked me how many pictures of fake-orange-looking people appeared. There were NONE beautiful examples in there, and so, I had to type names of people (most precisely VS's models) to get ahold of nice tan examples, instead of ugly reptile looking ones. I started to wonder, Are people taking their tanning beds too far? or maybe it's just the trend.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post; I would like to hear your opinions on this very important matter!
Have a nice day! Stay pale! Or tan!