Monday, May 31, 2010

Trully Heaven on Earth

This time, Elie Saab's Spring 2010 Couture Collection was the one to take my breath away. I know, this collection was first showed earlier this year, but I happened to come across it just a little while ago, and so...! Here we go! Prepare your eyes for a total Delicacy Party!

For this collection, Herr Saab decided to go for the pale, romantic flower-girl look; (something I highly appreciated) and gave us gorgeous flowy gowns made of fabric that seem to be formed out of the most beautiful, pure spring flowers ; w ;
Now, what I liked the most is the fact that he didn't choose the easy way out and give us, simply, the usual pastels, such as the softest pink, light-blue and green. No! Herr Saab went a dobby step further and chose to go for some rich mauves, celadons and pleasing shades of beige so light the overall look is really natural and delicate. I love how he also went for a trully soft make up pallete, leaving the look even more feminine and eye pleasing.

Ok, sure, some people may say these are all a bit tacky and prom-like (a filthy rich kid's prom, please) and whatnot, but please! I'm sure we all agree there's nothing wrong with some flowy soft romantic gowns every once in a while, yes? Please? I think you should all know how much I praise these kinds of girlie flower looks no matter what ; n ; so...

Also, extra points for the beautiful cristal-looking scenario chosen for this particular collection. It made the dresses trully glow with magic... and the runway looked like a pure river from a dreamy fairy tale!

Oh! Also, another plus! Did any of you get the same "Alphonse Mucha vibe" from this collection? No? Sweet pastel gowns against a soft pale skin and shiny, curly hair? Gracefully flowing dresses exuding a delicious spring-summer scent? Godess-looking girls? Anyone?! (I'm being dead serious right now, so, please, agree with me on this one * ^ *)
Well, at least I still think any of these gowns would make a BEAUTIFUL editorial picture, and an even more GORGEOUS painting anytime!

Agree? Good! I can leave in peace now, for my work here is done!
Take care, everybody! Have a lovely day!
Peet, all!

Runway images came from
Beautiful painting is Alphonse Mucha's "Dance"


jay-me said...

ive always liked elie saab n his gowns, esp. the red ones fr. his archive, love the lawtest collection(courtesy: u, of course)

CC said...

This collection was sheer genius. Elie Saab is so freaking awesome. Love him! :)

ilsteviewonder said...

I love elie saab too! I love girly too! So these are beautiful! =)


Gorgeous, so so gorgeous!

- My Idea Of Style - said...

oh. the pink short dress is amazing, missy!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog
xx. T

The Vegaran said...

Thanks for the comment, ahaha yes, my feet are very tiny, to some it's a blessing, to me it's an annoyance. Lovely collection, I haven't seen uptil now actually, love the drapery and the chiffon. Great post :D.


fashionfamous said...

Evry dress it's so cool and amagazing!!

♥Raquel... :)

Amorelle said...

gorgeous! im with on loving girly/prairie looks, im kind of tired of the "edgy"girl look, though some people still rock it well. i think i just feel better when i dress more feminine. and love the mucha painting.

Kiki said...

Super gorgeous..I think this is mega-dazzling colletcion and very beautiful! Great post! Nice to meet you..lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

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Ana said...

I love this dresses, they look so dreamy and heaven like:)

Have a magical Sunday:)
Lots of hugs

Hayley Golightly Style said...

Elie Saab is one of my favorite designers! Lovee his collections! Nice post!

Amy said...

Oh I absolutely adore Ellie Saab! (: Her evening gowns are to die for!

Anonymous said...

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Enki said...

ohh. great dresses. i think i love them.

Jose Camacho said...

I loved the angelic feel of this collection
everything was so sophisticated and flowy
great review :)

Jose C.

erin :) said...

I absolutely LOVE this collection! The colors, textures and everything is sooo beautiful! I think Rachel McAdams wore that first dress to the Oscars! That was my favorite dress of the night! :)

Anyway, thanks for sharing! & lovely blog!
Erin :)