Sunday, May 23, 2010

The rabbit in the moon

There's an ancient Mayan legend about the rabbit shape we can see in the moon by night. The moon's craters shadows form, according to the pre-colombines, a rabbit moving, jumping. The legend says:

"Quetzalcóatl, The kind God, went travelling around the world, in the shape of a man. He had been walking all day long, and, by the afternoon, he felt tired and hungry. But he kept on walking, until the stars started shining and the moon came out in the midnight sky. He then sat in the side of the road, and as he laid in there, resting, he saw a little rabbit, who was having some dinner.

-What are you doing? -Quetzalcóatl asked.
-I'm having some grass. Do you want some? -The rabbit replied.

-Thank you very much, but I don't eat grass.
-What are you going to do, then?
-I will starve to death.

The little rabbit came up to Quetzalcóatl and said:
-Look, I may not be nothing but a little rabbit, but, if you're that hungry, eat me, here I am.

The God then caressed the rabbit and said:

-You may not be nothing but a little rabbit, but, forever will the whole world remember you.
He then picked the rabbit up high, so high, up to the moon, where its shape was left printed in there. Quetzalcóatl put the rabbit down, to Earth and said:
-There is your portrait made out of light, for all men, forever. "

I made this drawing for a Graphics class project. We were supposed to make a theme drawing, and so, I chose the Rabbit in the Moon mayan legend.
This took a few hours to finish.

Technique: I drew all of it. Using Paper Mate pen in black. Everything is hand-colored; using Prismacolor Professional colors. The paper was brown painted with vanilla scent, so it looked old. It smells delicious, too!
Oh, yes, character concept came from an ancient japanese drawing.


Anonymous said...

OMGOMG SO AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE *^ * That pic is freakin cute. you did that?!!! jay jus, you are talented babe!! : ) guess who~

Hint: You are beautiful like a goddess.
Just kidding, that's not me~
guapo guapo guapo!

Ana said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment:)

I love your blog, you are so witty and cool:)

Lots of hugs

Orphin Lasz said...

I knew it was you from the very first sentence! ...and that little face!! ; w ;

I love you, gorgeous ~

vickileestyle said...

really love that sketch! loving the japanese characters too!

Sophie said...

You´re very talented,the drawing is perfect.

Ellen said...

the drawing is simply beautiful, is it uours?
also amazing header photo

X Ellen

Panda said...

Hello there :)
And Thank you soo much for stopping by.
And thanks for your compliments.
It really means a lot to me!
You know what, your blog is amaaaaaaaazing!
Panda xx

Orphin Lasz said...

Thank you, everyone for your dobby lovely comments ; w ;
This means the world to me.

@Ellen: Yes, I drew that for Graphics class. I'm glad you guys liked it!

Le Jardin said...
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Le Jardin said...

love the graphic. cute

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Tzoulia Kadoglou said...

wow, i am in really in love with his!

i hope u visit me and give me the advise of my last post which is one of the ugliest model our fashion times. of ycourse you can add other models.
Help me! :)
and feel free to follow me.
have a nice day.

Mitzi Cocoa said...

That drawing is amazing!! I love it!!

Amorelle said...

love the story and your drawing is gorgeous. too bad i cant smell the vanilla.