Monday, May 17, 2010

Pink overdose 2011

Soooooo... Really cute, feminine outfits, simple, clean shapes, fresh looks, tons of pink lipstick and big hair... Yes! I'm talking about Dior's last show this past Saturday in Shanghai!

This was a really cute ready-to-wear collection, keeping the clothes simple and fresh. There were several little details on each outfit, such as cute little bows, flowers, and lace. Most of the outfits had a really sweet scent to them, like if they were meant to be used at a delicious tea party in a forest.
The mini dresses were really appealling, most of them embellished with frills and laces, something I absolutely adore and always look for in a dress. The color pallette was kept soft and delicate, going from the cutest, most pastel pink, to the softest, cloudy-like light blue... absolutely stunning! Most of the dresses made me think of cotton candy and sladky tea parties.

BUT! For some reason, some of the outfits kept giving me this 'Barbie's Closet' vibe over and over again. Perhaps, it was the neon colors Herr John Galliano decided to use, combining them with the whitest white bottoms and accessories... perhaps, it was the Malibu Beach Babe feeling some of the outfits had... perhaps, it was the big retro Barbie hair... perhaps it was the mix of all those elements together! Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps! I mean, yes, there certainly was a french flavor to the collection, but I just couldn't get over the obvious Barbie look. ...and those enormous neon bags...!

I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie Wooooorld!

Still, it was a dobby collection, all thanks to Mr. John Galliano. Although, I would've liked seen more daring outfits, Thank you, sir, and until next time! Peet all!

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Bonnie said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

I wish I could get away with wearing any of these outfits.. they are amazing! :)


Raquel T.G. said...

Yo tambiƩn pienso lo mismo jeje.
Me alegro de que te guste el blog! el personal el
Me gustaron mucho los vestidos cortitos que hizo Jhon Galliano para este resort, me parecen muy femeninos y dulces =)

Vanessa Stonem said...

ajaja ya ves una matada a estudiaar ahora mismo acabo de terminar de hacer cosas (son las 22:42..) enfin jaja un besoooo

Anonymous said...

lol WOW those girls are skinny...

im loving the barbie-look!!
cute blog!!

<3 claudia K

IM said...

thank you for the comment! :)
i loveee pink too!*

NabilaHazirah said...

those models on the runways looks stunning! the outfits are all beautiful.


Anonymous said...

me encanta John Galliano y me encnata todas sus coleccions!!!
muchas gracias mi preciosa por tu comentario!!!!

muuuuchas besoos muy fuerte!!

Liya said...

thank you for the lovely comment on my blog... nice blog.. I like the second dress :)

Anonymous said...

really like some of those items but gotta agree with the whole barbie vibe! but i guess it might be because a month ago it was barbie's 50th or 100th anniversary, something like that and they had a whole catwalk with designers contributing with their own barbie look.

erin :) said...

Wow! This collection is great too! I definitely thought BARBIE when I saw these but in a very good way! Love them! :) Thanks for sharing!

-Erin :)