Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Snow White vs ermm... Pocahontas

Marble vs Oak... Vanilla vs Cinammon ...Or simply "Pale vs Tan"! Which ever title you like the most.

Personally, I find pale skin to be really aesthetically pleasing, and something beautiful to look at. It can sometimes even create a vaguely supernatural aura. You may now imagine your favorite supernatural creature! I just LOVE looking at a beautiful pale skin. I find it to be really classy and elegant; something worth looking at. For a long, long time. Even if the owner of that pale skin has already spotted me staring and is starting to think I might be some kind of psycho.
...Also, always a plus, someone with a really pale skin and dark hair. I love the contrast so, very much! It gives people (well, I think you must, by this point know, I'm mainly talking about this whole look on girls) such a gorgeous doll-look. Ever seen those antique porcelain dolls on your grandma's house? Ever noticed how pale they are? Ok, perhaps, some of you might not want to end up looking like a living porcelain doll (shame on you ; n ;)

Either way, here you have some beautiful examples of pale skin; First of all, Miss Dita Von Teese! (tone down the lights a bit and play some burlesque music, please):

Now, doesn't she look dreadfully GORGEOUS or what? Look at that creamy pale skin against that darker-than-the-Devil's-heart hair! Dita is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen before. I trully admire this woman, for she is smart, and a real business woman. But, I must say, the very first thing that caught my attention about her was her practically paper-white skin!

You want another example, hmm? How about Kirsten Dunst? HMMMMM?

Again, the skin...! look at that porcelain skin! It's the perfect canvas for just erm... ANYTHING! Make up stands out more! So as her features! Clothes, etc.
I heard people said she looked ill when she showed up looking tremendously pale for one of the Spiderman movies premiere's... funny thing is, I said to myself " * ^ * Woah! This is the most beautiful I've ever seen her look before! " Oh, the irony!

Since, I'd dare to say, most of you might, by this point, be thinking I'm a creep with a weird fixation for pale skin (No! ... Really?) Let's now talk about the other side of the coin, which is, in this case, Tan skin!

We all have different tastes, and so, there are people who prefer tan skin. Now, I have nothing against tan people/people-who-tan/etc, but I just don't see what's all the excitement about. I don't find tan to be as classy as pale. I mean, yes, tan is, most of the times perceived as sexy, yes, but, from what I've seen, people tend to take it TOO far and for some unknown reason, go practically orange...or even worse, when their skin go all leathery thanks to the excess of tanning products, and they start looking like a new kind of reptile... an orange reptile D:
Now, I love the way sun-kissed looks. Like, when the tanning looks somewhat soft and glowy... all of that with a golden -brownish hair looks just lovely and even a bit romantic. Like if you had been running in the prairies al day long ; w ;

And so, here are the mandatory tan examples; starting with that
model from Victoria's Secret, Alessandra Ambrossio (I'm not a fan, so forgive any mistakes I may have made with her name):

Hmm, what can I say? Nice features, gorgeous cat-eyes, great make up, BUT, in this case, I don't think that fake tan goes well with the classy wardrobe and jewelry. Now, picture this same image with a pale model... looks classy now, eh? Ok, I think I was supposed to present 'beautiful' tan images on here, yes? so, moving on!

Yes! That's what I'm talking about, Miranda Kerr! You got it absolutely right!

Gorgeous girl, beautiful feminine features (still, I think she would look better off PALE hahahaha) and a lovely sun-kissed tan! FINALLY! This picture is great; Miss Kerr is tan, looking all sexy and innocent at the same time. Good job! The prophecy has been fulfilled!

And now, for a curious fact; as I was looking for examples of 'tan skin' and typed those exact words onto Google, it shocked me how many pictures of fake-orange-looking people appeared. There were NONE beautiful examples in there, and so, I had to type names of people (most precisely VS's models) to get ahold of nice tan examples, instead of ugly reptile looking ones. I started to wonder, Are people taking their tanning beds too far? or maybe it's just the trend.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post; I would like to hear your opinions on this very important matter!
Have a nice day! Stay pale! Or tan!


ilsteviewonder said...

hehe cool post! I also love the pale skin with blonde hair and blue eyes or dark hair as you said! its gorgeous! I also love my skin lol im brown skin =)

Emilie ! said...

I love all types of skin tone, sometimes tan, sometimes pale, I think that they can both be equally be beautiful at different times. I love, love Miranda kerr, she is so beautiful, and seems like such a nice, genuine person :)

thankyou so much for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it XD

I'm following!

Emilie xxx

SamiChami said...

Oh, I do love pale skin, though my skin isn't very pale it is considered "lighter". Sun-kissed tan is also beautiful, but I HATE fake-bake tans, soo...gross.
Thank you so much for the comment on my blog!
Follow me! I'm following you!

JJ Beazley said...

I have a great fondness for the classical Gaelic look - pale skin, black hair and blue eyes.

Beautiful picture, by the way (the boat and trees, I mean. Ahem!)

November Grey said...

Being one myself, I thank you for the fair skinned nods.

Gorgeous stuff.


Zaira Mabel said...

omg thankyou so much for this sometimes I feel so alone on this! I posted a similar entry in my blog a while ago ( but more personnal, about how I actually like my pale skin and of course wearing sunscreen :)
I love the way you express yourself btw

Elizabeth Faraday said...

thanks for the comment! i really appreciate it! and i love the post, i have creamy pale skin too! haha love the blog!

anna said...

Dita is so gorgeous! And Miranda- a doll! ^^

Anonymous said...

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JJ Beazley said...

I've been browsing, and now I'm curious. I wouldn't have guessed English was a foreign language to you. Would you consider telling where you come from? I love international connections. And did you take the picture of the boat and trees at the head of the post?

NabilaHazirah said...

your background is so pretty! I like pale skin,but i have tan skin though.

Great post!!

Hot Gossip said...

I love your header.such a great picture! thanks for your comment!
I made the shirt, but the pictures is not mine ;)


Megan said...

Oh my goodness I agree completely!
I adore pale skin so much.. so delicate, beautiful and other worldly about porcelain skin. Pale skin and dark hair is such a beautiful combination. I have always wanted porcelain skin, dark brown hair and freckles..
Dita Von Teaee is beatiful, so classically beautiful.
I am not a fan of fake tan, I shant rant but I think it is foul. I think a natural, ethnic tan is beautiful - like Miranda Kerr. I have a friend who is a quarter Indian and has the most beautiful skin/complexion I have ever seen.
My goodness, sorry for the essay - it was just such a good post!
Thank you for commenting on my blog. You have a lovely blog here yourself!

Lisa said...

Having pale skin myself I'm quite a fan. Unfortunately in my early 20's I sported the overly tanned look for awhile. I do love darker shades too, ebony skin is amazing!

Miss Woody said...

love Dita !

Das What She Said said...

I could not be more thrilled about this post! Pasty skin REPRESENT!

Anonymous said...

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CORA said...

A am a fellow pale fan, partly because it is practically impossible for me to get a tan, and partly because I think it looks so much edgier. I mean tan loks great, and you don't look 'ill' but whenever I think of it I think of those reptile skinned people you described.... hah,

But anyway, great post. Your blog is really interesting

Cora x