Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you want to know who is terribly beautiful?

Even if your answer was "No, I do not wish to know that as of right now" I will still give you the answer to that really important question: First name: Beautiful. Second name: Tilda. Yes, I'm talking about Beautiful Tilda Swinton! Yes, 'Beautiful' is , in fact, her first name.

Now, this is where all of you should nod your heads 'yes' in agreement!

Good! Now that we're all in the same page, here are some facts:
Miss Swinton was born in London, November the 5th, 1960; meaning she's 49 years old. Could any of you believe that? That's almost half a century! I bet most of us would practically kill to look like that when we turn that age! Or, at least I know I would. Perhaps, I will change my name to Báthory Erzsébet then, but that's a different story.

So, enough nonsense, and back with Beautiful Tilda!
Apart from her beautiful face, she's a well respected actress: has won several important awards, such as an Oscar, for her role in Michael Clayton, a BAFTA, for the already mentioned movie and a Copa Volpi a la Mejor Actriz, for Eduard II. Quite a talented artist, she is. I highly enjoy the choices she has made all over her actress life. I also admire the way she successfully has moved between the deep-field-art-performances towards quality Hollywood blockbusters. She tends to choose strong, interesting characters; most of the times with an androgynous look and behaviour to them.

And, talking about androgyny...! Wasn't that the very first word that came to your mind the second you saw Beautiful Tilda's picture? In my head, that was the case. Tilda is simply visually striking. Yes, she doesn't have the 'typical' kind of beauty, but, sometimes, it is better to have an interesting, unique look, rather than just a standard kind of beauty, hmhmm?

First of all, look at her cheekbones! They are really high and well-defined. Her green piercing eyes are to die for... and that jawline...! so feminine and delicate! all in all, and in words of the Ugliest Step Sister, herself, Tilda's face would be best described with the following, accurate quote: "Her face looks as if it was carved by the very angels".

Look at that face! Look at those cheekbones!
Such a delicate, romantic looking face that will forever make my soul rotten in bitter jealousy ; n ;

Since I'm quite sure most of you will have to agree with me up to this point, I will now leave you with a small Gallery with pictures from Tilda's photoshoot for AnOther Magazine SS09 6.
Photographer: Craig McDean

When will she stop looking like a perfect sculpture?


November Grey said...

I agree. She's stunning.

Anthropomorphica said...

I LOVE Tilda Swinton, she's an amazing creature! Thanks for posting these photos Orphin.

Amorelle said...

agreed! i love her, she has her own unique, regal beauty. i hope you saw her in the chronicles of narnia, shes gorgeous (even though she's supposed to be evil)..

Orphin Lasz said...

Thank you for your comments!
Seems we 4 have a great taste in common, hmm? c;
I love Tilda's look, she's just ethereal!

kimiko said...

siempre he pensado que es divina, desde que la vi en esa película de reina blanca :D