Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blessings and Blue

I saw a white tiger, walking in my backyard.

And he came, and he passed by, but he never noticed me.

As he passed by the stairs I heard him singing. And I saw him dancing. And his body was white as the snow, and lighther than water, and graceful like the wind.

As I walked closer, a little twig broke and he stared right at me. His refulgent blue eyes, brighter than the sky. I found the promised blessings then. The gifts everlasting. I found true joy. And I found sanctity.

And the tiger rised to the sky. And he was then gone.

It was a new bliss. It was a new mistake. There’s a cage in the skies, there’s a man inside the cage. He’s asleep now, but he’ll wake up soon.

His refulgent blue eyes won’t stare back at me anymore.

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