Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Them Holy

As I climbed the highest peak, words couldn’t identify myself no more.

A beautiful image came to my sight. Their whole world is made of golden.

They have beautiful black glazzies, and bleeding white rots.

And they feed off of misery. They speak to me in languages I can’t understand.

Da ehj toiç o vouijah trull oon desthad?

Blood starts to pour down my nose.

It is so beautiful, words cannot express.

From the highest tower she fell. And as she hit the floor, a raw sound awoke us all.

Heard their cries for Vendetta.

Soh vouijah oh troll andist noh!

Where am I now? What have I done? Please, someone help me go back.

Their cries in excitement make me go numb. Their beautiful horns shine with the moonlight.

Daas ehn taj sihka hilken!

I don’t want to go back. Beauty is everything that meets the eye.

Did you know she was their bride? We will never see her again. And light possessed her soul. Words cannot express.

They are the most beautiful yet to know. Oh, Sitjah, your dream, has it even begun?

Tears start to fall down. My eyes started to bleed.

What were we thinking? They are the most beautiful creation. They have got everything we need. Please save me, please. Ah, their holy voices as they govoreet. That is all I can hear, and finally, I’m feeling comfortably numb.

They may feed off of me now. It is a very blessing to even be considered. Oh, Sitjah, your dream, has it even begun?

Please save me. All I see is golden. Golden and blood.

We may go through a transfiguration. But in the end, they are all I’ve seeked for.

Finally, golden and blood, golden and blood.

I am Illuminated.

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