Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sick, yet again

Ever since our just-girls-night-out-Emma’s-birthday-celebration last friday night, my throat, and practically, my whole respiratory system have been acting up on me.
I believe the fact it was freezing outside, almost 6ºC, and us wearing dresses didn’t make things any better for me and that dobby ol’ RS of mine. Well, at least I was wearing my leather jacket! Unlike most of my friends, who I pitied that night, for they were only wearing nothing but their cute mini dresses.

Well, either way, I don’t believe I would’ve done things a lot more different, since it had been a long time since I last went out, and I really felt like dressing up that one night. Perhaps I would’ve/should’ve at least worn a cute, cozy scarf back then?

Ah, in the end, I got what I called for. Although, I can’t recall explicitly calling for those nights without sleep, nor breathing and non-stop kashling!

Oh, well, I definetely learned my lesson, and next time, I will choose weather-appropriate-clothes over glamour! … yeah, right … Ah, well, I’d better start buying some oranges for the next time, and pray for that dobby vitamin C to work its best!

Until then, good-bye, and, unlike me, try wearing a nice warm sweater next time you go out on any chill ocassion.

Either way, and no matter what, Peet all! Perhaps we shall peet nothing but orange juice this time, anything for our health’s sake!

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