Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Alejandro, sir........

You should be proud of yourself, for a cool looking video has recently been filmed in your name. Yes! Lady Gaga has finally released the highly expected video for her newest single, "Alejandro".
Now, anybody who heard the song before watching the video will agree with me on the whole "Spanish novel" flavor the music has. I mean, just listen to her fake sort of latin/spanish accent, the latin/spanish male names... the whole mentioning Mexico thing! I thought this video would be a sort of Latin Lover stravaganzza, full of fancy flamenco-like dance moves, Gaga dressed up as a femme fatale, having many latin lovers and leaving them all, or maybe even killing them (like in some of her previous videos) by the end of the so-called-video. BUT! what did we get? well, we got ermm... This:


Can I say I fell in love with all of this? Forever? ; u ; First of all, the aesthetics and overall art chosen for this particular video were totally unexpected. Seriously, who would've thought "Alejandro" would be turned into a beautiful piece of macabre and obscure? I am totally up for this. The obscure aesthetic and scenarios. The slight s&m esscence the garments distill is beautiful. I trully enjoyed the slight Hellraiser reminiscence the very start of the video gives. The only thing Miss Gaga is missing is one of those intricate torture piercings most of the Cenobites wear as a part of their garments. I think this is, without a doubt, one of her best looks. Ever. Some may agree with me, some may disagree. Some may think I have totally lost my mind. But, I will say, I found her looks to be really sober and breath taking in this particular video. That delicate paper-white skin, white, snowy hair and vampy lipstick, in contrast with that black leather garment gives her such an impecable and impressive look.

Steampunk looks great on her, hmm?

Moving on, moving on. Next image, please!

Hmm, something isn't right with this... let's see... She's a sort of dark nun now... seems to be praying or something... That red nun outfit is pretty neat, actually; that whole image would make an excellent painting, in my opinion. She still looks impecable and gorgeous... WAIT! I remembered! What does ANY of that have to do with the overall video?! I thought she was a sort of steampunk something earlier... what happened, then?
This makes me think she just wanted to create some controversy. Honestly, this has nothing to do within the conext of the video. And that other white garment with the red crosses? More free controversy. Controversy out of NOTHING and just BECAUSE. That is ridiculous, in my opinion. If you want to create controversy, do it for something worth it, something you believe in, some message you want to transmit. Not just because! This has been done before, even. If you want to use a religious theme for your videos, art, or whatever, make sure to do a good job transmitting your message, feelings or thoughts. Don't do it just for free controversy!

The video later shows Miss Gaga doing this sort of dance-slightporn-something with her male dancers in fishnets and high heels. Now, I have nothing with males wearing high heels, or any other sort of "feminine" clothes. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a role reversal. But, once again, that doesn't have much to do with the video. At least, I never though "Alejandro" was about Gaga making out with some gay, s&m nazi guys! Except, oh, yes! I bet parents all over the place must be now talking about your "wild and controversial" new video! Mission accomplished!

Long -worthless- post is long, hmm? I'm sorry, the intention of this post was, at first, just to praise the beautiful and slightly macabre aesthetic she had chosen for the video, and it ended up being more like an opinion on a life or death matter. Maybe next time, I should write about IMPORTANT, trascendental stuff, instead of a shamelessly attention-seeking video done for the sake of... attention!
I'm sorry. I don't normally dedicate long posts to music videos, and I will make sure not to do this very often, either ; n ;

Have a lovely day! Peet!


Erin said...

I didn't really understand the video, either. Unlike other videos (like Telephone or Paparazzi), there was no real, apparent story line. I don't understand how a nun, some kind of queen (Is that who she is a first?) and all the rest really connects. And then that guy they kept showing towards the middle of the end? Who is he? The famous Alejandro, maybe?

The guys DO look like estranged versions of Nazis.


Sonia said...

When I watched that video, i was just like "uh... what?"
But I suppose it's very Gaga (and a bit creepy), although I like her earlier stuff much better.

Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

ilsteviewonder said...

My favorite was in that black pnat suit! loved that video gaga never ceases to amaze us :)

Pointandend said...


Elizabeth Faraday said...

i know what you mean by the whole "faking accent and the names" yeah it's kind of annoying, and i don't really understand the video either!
lovely blog!

Miss Woody said...

wow really incredible !

Laura said...

Siempre me ha dado curiosidad lo de que las personas nos parezcamos asiq si algun dia sacas a tu amiga en el blog avisame jeje!

Kim Neill said...

I dont understand it either :-s but I freeking love it aha. Thank you so much for commenting <3 Keep in touch.

Mouthwash said...

I too was expecting something different from Gaga. The song itself feels like summer song, and this video was anything but summer!

I wanted to be impressed by it, but honestly it felt old and tired and I didn't find it all that great. Madonna did better. :/


M.rolez said...

Alejandro Alejandroo Ale Ale Jandro ( Ale ale jandrooo )

Me encantaaa hah
un beso

gorgeousclara said...

gracias, pero tengo que reconocer que mi pelo no es tan chulo como parece, siempre lo tengo hecho un desastre...jajajaja

y en cuanto a la canción, el video es impresionante,como siempre, pero el tema en sí, me parece un poco ridículo...

A Stylish Mixture said...

I do not know if I have clearly watched the video, but I like the song.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i love that song, great for summer holidays!!! kisses