Friday, April 9, 2010

WOAH, Look at that! I am insanely beautiful!

What can be wrong whenever one's eyelashes are whitest than snow, your eyes are bigger than a baby deer's eyes, your cheeks are pink as a baby cupcake and your perfectly pink lips are the frame for your slightly crooked pearly teeth?
Yes, everything would be perfect in your life if you ever got to look like a snow Russian princess wearing her coin crumpled mystical headwrap! Nope, anything would be wrong then, for everybody would work their hardest to make your wishes come true, and your very words would become their command.

But not today. You still have to study and get over with college, young girl. Start making your own money and pay the bills, you lazy, lazy young uncertainty!
So, there you go. Start focusing now, and stop wasting your time with these worthless posts already.

Geez, kids these days!

Serafima Vakulenko for John Galliano's fall 2009 rtw collection.
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