Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everybody, Hail Queen

Have I ever known of a more innovative band before? I don't think so, nor have many of you, either, I would dare to say.
I remember back in my elementary school days, when my father would play Queen's records in his old cassette player on the way to school. I didn't understand a word they were saying (english not being my mother language), but that didn't matter much, either way, for Queen's music was universal, and all of their songs transmitted certain feelings, ideas, and images, even!

The very band itself was amazing. Each of their members were trully talented and charismatic. Each of them had their well defined personality, and apported something special to the band's unique sound. I love how each of them had their part in the overall sound and music of the band. Every single one of them was equally important to the band. They were all special chellovecks working in their music together. There were no egos involved whatsoever.

They were true pioneers! Hard rock & Metal pioneers! Never afraid to incorporate different kinds of sounds to their music. How about some glam rock mixed with a pinch of progressive rock and sprinkled with a bit of blues? Have you ever heard of anything better than that? If you ever see any of
today's bands doing anything; Queen, ladies and gentleman, has already done it before. Ten times bigger and better. Because they are that great.

Brian May's way with the guitar was awesome! It was as if he and his Red Special would turn into one individual just to perform some of the greatest riffs ever heard.

Gaga Oh la la? She wouldn't even have her artistic name if it wasn't for a certain drummer named Roger Taylor, children. Just keep that in mind. Wink wink.

A certain John Deacon (who, by the way was an engineer genious, as well as a versatile bass player. He was said to be an Electronics magician, since he built and adapted several of Queen's electronics equipment. It was his "Deacy Amp" the final touch at Bohemian Rhapsody.

Now, that is what I call some serious talent all in one band!

And now, for the Grand finale...! (*Drums rolls go in here*) we all know Queen's heart and soul was a man. Lead singer, Freddie Mercury (Everybody, hail!).
Freddie was such a passionate man, it seemed. He was a real artist, and definetely, one of the best singers EVER known by mankind. Have you ever watched any of their videos? Seen their live presentations? The man was a true genious! Pure charisma and dynamic awesomeness. Scientists all over the world believe he was made of pure epic musical power. And that is a fact.
Seriously, He is one of the most talented artists I have ever heard of. Just listen to his lyrics. It was poetry made rock. Bohemian Rhapsody. ENOUGH SAID. That song is EPIC. And you must know I hardly ever use that word, for it makes me sound like a pompous little brat; but its use is necessary in this case. Ah, the structure of that song is marvelous. A song talking about sin and redemption? Angels and demons? Crime and punishment? Yes, please! A thousand times, YESSSSSSS!
Seven Seas of Rhye, anyone? No wonder why he is considered the "Ultimate God of Rock". Well earned title, if you ask me. His life performances were god-like. He was able to easily keep the audience astonished over his voice and music and overall awesomeness, as well!

Oh, well, I could go on and on and on AND on forever and would ultimately just praise Queen over and over again.
Obvious post is obvious (and long), hmm?
Okay, then, this is good-bye! I've sadly got homework to do now.
And so, I shall continue listening to my beloved Bohemian Rhapsody now. Peet, all!


Love Of Fashion said...

haha i am obsessed with Queen also! I know every single word to Bohemian Rhapsody! love your blog!!

Orphin Lasz said...

High five! That song is one of my Super Special Top Ten favorites of all times. I just can't get enough of it; and it even seems to get a new meaning each time I listen to it.
(Seriously, are there any doubts left on how much I totally adore QUEEN? hahaha)

Also, Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment <3<3