Monday, April 26, 2010

In the Garden of Orphin

Welcome to my territories, young adventurers!

These are my sacred domains, in which I reign supreme and away from the outside world. The caterpillars are my loyal vassals. The butterflies are my graceful dancers waiting to entertain me as they fly through the air. Black spiders are my brave chassoes, always keeping my dobby white flowers safe from the unworthy glazzies.

Back there lives a white tiger, as well. He keeps my garden a secret. He tells me stories about the world. He makes me company whenever nobody even notices me. He is my droog. He is my best friend.

Would anybody believe the fun I have in there? Perhaps I don't play games, nor jump like a child whenever I go there, (that would not be the correct Royal etiquette) but, just the mere fact of breathing some secret fresh air, or looking at the unwanted flowers growing in there makes me feel alive. And happy. And in peace.

The wind itself comes and sings me warbles. Bees come buzzing the latest news from a distant prairie. They seem to enjoy playing with my hair.
We have picnics sometimes, based merely in the delicious, sladky smell of hot spring air. Big crows come and wait for me to read them some books. We've read Faust two times already.

I may do as I want. I am free to dream. I am free to breathe. I am finally free.

I love looking at the sky. That is my favorite thing to do.

Whoever said spiders were not dobby photographers?


Anonymous said...

hola~!!! tu eres guapo

ricky said...

you look lovely

Orphin Lasz said...

Thank you very much c:

ricky said...

;) you're welcome... I wanna see you in MSN :D

├×omeline said...

I love your dress, it's gorgeous :)

Zaira Mabel said...

I love this entry, I completely relate, and gorgeous outfit

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit! You are so pretty! ^^

Amorelle said...

love the outfit- dress especially.

princess V said...

You look great!Love your blog:)