Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As I came home back from college, earlier today, the news of acclaimed fashion designer, Alexander McQueen’s death were so unexpected they felt like a blatant lie.

Out of all people involved in the fashion or entertainment business, it would’ve never occured to me that McQueen would die at this very stage of his career. Perhaps, it is because we all tend to forget that death is the most natural part of life, no matter the way we may reach it. On behalf of McQueen’s family, let us all not talk about his death causes, nor details. But just remember him as the brilliant artist he was.

McQueen was very a talented artist. He was even considered today’s fashion’s ” l’enfant terrible” for he made his own rules, and he always worked according to his very own aesthetic and ideals. To me, he was a true genious. I had always found all of his pieces to be trully magnificent. He knew how to dress women, his shapes were always beautiful and very interesting to look at.

His fashion shows were always delightful. One of the most unconventional shows one may ever see. The atmosphere he created was so unique one would feel like you’ve just encountered a new dimension. It was truly A SHOW.

All there is left to say is, I share McQueen’s familie’s sense of shock and grief. May Alexander McQueen finally rest in peace.

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