Tuesday, August 31, 2010



... I'm sorry, the stupid inside me took over for a sec. College has been hectic...! All of my classes are in the afternoon, and I might be getting a full-time morning job next week; I know I should be happy, but still... :c

...On a happier note! I remembered I never actually published the winners to my first GA, hmm?
So the winners (randomly chosen, of course, since if having the time, I would gladly draw each and everyone of you, dear followers, as a way to show my grattitude ; u ; But since that life drainer (a.k.a College) wouldn't allow me to, I had to narrow the number down to 3 lucky winners) are:

*** Miss Caroline from Ergy Erg ***
*** Miss Jemina from JeminaJakin ***
*** Miss Joeanne from Joe's Blog ***

Congratulations to the winners! I'm already working on your portraits and will send them to you as soon as possible!
Also, thank you very much to all of my followers! Thank you for all your support; I really love writting for you!
Peet, all! Ó u Ò ♥♥♥


v a m p i r e said...

wow congrats to the winners

Sam Harvey said...

tell us more about your new job.

Miranda said...

great blog! very interesting; keep up the good work!

thanks for the comment, by the way! please follow met at www.livelongfashion.blogspot.com

Signe said...

What a nice giveaway, a selfmade portrait :)
Grats to the winners!

Caroline said...

Eeee, i'm still so excited to see it!!! I really hope you get the job and you enjoy it! Sure it'll be great! xxxx

Lily said...

congrats to the winners!!
I hope you don't get over stressed! College is hectic :x


Anonymous said...

I just loved your Blog... There is something about everything! So cute.. I'm so coming back!

Thank you for your support for my blog!!


Nav said...

haha love the lord of the rings/mean girls image!

great blog!