Wednesday, August 18, 2010

La Ciudad de Los Palacios ~

I'm talking about Mexico's capital, Mexico City.

Founded by the warlike Aztecs in 1325, and before known as "Tenochtitlan". The Aztecs migrated there after the fall of the Toltec Empire, and managed to establish by the Texcoco Lake. According to an Aztec legend, they were led to that very place by their God, Huitzilopochtli, who indicated their new home with a sign: an eagle perched on a nopal cactus, and a snake in its beak (the very symbol of Mexico's flag). The Aztecs dominated and conquered nearby cities, expanding their own territory and becoming the strongest among the whole country.

Then the Spanish came and took over the whole mexican territory after many terrible fights and blood shedding; managing to reign supreme up until 1810, the year when the Mexican Independence started, called by the Priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. Many fights and blood shedding over Mexico's destiny were held; concluding in Mexico's Independence from Spain and becoming a free country. And now, 685 years from Mexico City's foundation, Yours trully finally made a trip abroad c:

I think I went there sometime around March; although, just for a few hours, since arrival time was at 5 am and had to leave by 7pm; I still had a lovely time.
In the van on the highway... such a cheerful van, hmm? ; w ;
I was accompanied by floating sweets and rainbows the whole time!

Angel de la Independencia
I felt as if The Angel was posing for the picture! The cheerful blue sky as a background against that beautiful ray of light shining and glowing reflected in the Angel's glowing golden skin

I was quite eager to see the Angel de la Independencia; one of the greatest and most special symbols of the Mexican country. Even though, I was only able to see it from inside a moving van on the way to the "Museo Nacional de Antropologia e Historia", it was a gorgeous vision to look at! The Angel shines beautifully in the mexican sky... and I still managed to take a beautiful picture of it, so no regrets Ó u Ò

Once we got to the Museum, I was impressed by how gigantic it was! And, right as we arrived, there was an ENORMOUS mexican flag waving hello! There were many tourists just like us at the Museum... it was pretty crowded inside! We entered the Aztec Culture exhibition. It was trully amazing! The pieces shown were great and really interesting to look at. They were full of color and interesting shapes.

These were part of an enormous wall full with several sculptures. They were eassily over 13 foot tall.

I couldn't stop noticing how most of the sculptures had some sort of war theme to them, or had some kind of relation to sacrifices and blood. Most of the sculptures were made to honour their many Gods, they represented several rituals, or special events from the aztec life... and even some of them were made out of human bones and teeth!

Now, I say this with all respect, and if the Aztecs were still alive, they might even kill me and rip my heart out for this, but... there were some REALLY cute sculptures in the exhibition! Like the Jaguar from the picture above! It melted my heart when I saw this one... it just looked like a gigantic, fat, ancient kitty; so I had to take a picture of it! ; w ;
Aren't these the cutest assassinating tools you've ever seen before?
...even though I recall reading these little cuties were made out of a child's teeth...
I still feel bad for thinking how cute these are ; A ;

Of course I couldn't leave the museum without taking a picture of the "Calendario del Sol" first!
It's trully impressive to look at! ...and Oh, so big! The size of a wall O w O

They had this beautiful sort of aquatic garden in the middle of the Museum's buildings. It reminded me a lot of Egypt!

Last picture before we left the Museum c:

Although it was crazy hot and crowded, I still had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the mexican culture!
Farewell, Mexico!


Lil' Miss Sunshine said...

I'm so jealous!!! I would love to visit Mexico! I think the statues are cute too!


Lil' Miss Sunshine

JJ Beazley said...

Now you have me confused. I thought you lived in Mexico. I thought you were the Mexican flag in my flag counter.

minnja said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Caroline said...

Great photos!! I like the little edited ones with clouds and rainbows, hehe, very cute :)

Imogen said...

Very beautiful pictures and it's very interesting to read about Mexico. It would be so cool to go there eventually.

v a m p i r e said...

whoah reading this really makes me learn new stuff , a good one to read

and you look so pretty as usual in your photos haha but why the one with the guy , his face is totally covered with cute stuff

Frock Around the Clock said...

I want to go! It looks really fun - I'm very jealous! :) x

sociopata antropofaga said...

entonces de donde eres :O ?? pense q vivias aya en DF

Couture said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Orphin Lasz said...

@JJ: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I went there as a tourist Ó u Ò

@Vampire: I'm glad I actually shared some knowledge! c:
Also, thank you very much, gorgeous, you make me blushy-blush!

Hahaha and yeah! he's my friend, but didn't want to appear on bloggy, so...! It's his loss! ; w ;

@Sociopata: Haha noo! Mi papa es del DF c: Aunque yo ya me quiero ir de aqui ; A ; ya que esta muy fea la situacion!

Alienor said...

Belles photos ! Love the ancient mexican stuff ! bisoux

Explendid said...

¡Muy buenas fotos! , Aunque el post esté en inglés creo que también hablas español no?
A mi me encantó México cuando lo visité

Mil gracias por pasarte por mi blog

Te seguiré de cerca


Fionna said...

your blog is soooo interesting.
un beso:)

Pineapple said...

genial post!, gracias por tu comentario estoy estudiando diseño industrial, tu?

Anonymous said...

The Aztecs are so interesting! I'd love to go to Mexico.

My summer has been great for once! I usually find summer boring but it's great I have a job. Haha, no ukulele covers... yet, maybe once i get better. Who knows!

chopstick panorama said...

Woah, nice photos. :)
And you are sooo sooo pretty! I'm jealous. hahaa
your drawings are great, too,btw.

And thanks for complimenting my outfit! Soo happy. <3

Zmroku said...

What a wonderful place! Cool *___*

sociopata antropofaga said...

yo siempre quice ir a tenochtitlan las pocas veces q he ido al df
y si, te entiendo, mexico se va cada vez mas al cañooooo ;(