Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's slavery!

Yes, I've been working like a dog ; n ;
Boohoo Boohoohoo!
Currently working on several paintings/drawings/whatever, like the one above; as well as some sculptures and daydreaming.
...did I ever mention I'm working on my very first shortfilm EVER? animated shortfilm!
O u O

...but it's slavery, nevertheless... dobby ol' torture... Ó n Ò
Oh, well! At least I think all of these will pay off! ...sometime... I hope... I WISH!

Either way, I will be posting the results as soon as I finish each!
Until then, Peet all!
Have a lovely weekend, mine venner!


ricky said...

mui alquimico tu dibujo ..

Zabrinah said...

Woah. You sound so busy. I understand what it's like to devote a ton of time to all of your talents. It really does feel like slavery, but it's so awesome when you accomplish something!



Tere said...

thanks for your comment! im glad to hear your opinion!
i hope that spain wins the cup too hehe
kisses from

coco's blog said...

Good post ! i love your blog ! Congratulations !


firefly said...

The drawing is amazing! Good luck with everything.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

if that's a sneak peek of your work, then i can't wait to see more!
xo alison

JJ Beazley said...

I would like to see it bigger, so I can see the detail better. Are we doing symbolism here?

atelier said...

waiting for that short film :)

sociopata antropofaga said...

quiero quiero quierooooo ver tu cortooo <333

Second Wind photography said...

woooh you are an amazing painter!!! great job!

Panda said...

Beautiful poem, and those pictures are amazing. Your talented!! (: Panda xx
+ thanks for the ultra awesome comment - You are really sweet.

Sarah said...

Wow, an animated short film, my sister does some animation and she finds it really hard work, but really rewarding once it all gets done. Good luck!

kerry, a fashion lover said...

wow did you draw that? its amazing!
thank you for visiting my blog!
i love yours :) am following!
love kerry